30-year-old Tatjana Rasevic, who survived an avalanche has married the mountain rescue guide who saved her life.

It was all the more special as they got married on the mountain where she was nearly swept to her death.

Soldier Nenad Podova, 32, unearthed Rasevic after she was buried under tons of snow on the peak of Suva Planina mountain in Serbia two years ago.

Now the pair have tied the knot – 6,000ft up the same mountain where fate first brought them together.

“I couldn’t believe I was still alive when this amazing looking man pulled me up from under the snow. I thought he was an angel,” said bride Tatjana.

Added groom Nenad: “This way we can thank the mountain for sparing Tatjana’s life and for throwing us together.”

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A rabbit lover has changed her name to Bunny.

Bingo hall worker Sharon Finegan, 28, runs an animal sanctuary from her home and looks after 15 rabbits.

She is so devoted to her hobby that she has decided to change her name to Bunny Sharon Alice Finegan.

Sharon will use her new moniker when she gets hitched to fiance Morgan Green, 36, in Grangemouth, Stirlingshire, on September 1.

She said: “I’m really looking forward to saying, ‘I, Bunny Sharon Alice Finegan’ in my vows on my wedding day. It should be a lot of fun. It seems the right thing to do as my friends have called me Bunny for a long time. The idea came about when we were feeding the rabbits. Morgan suggested, as a joke, that I should change my name to Bunny as that is his pet name for me.

“I thought it would be a good idea to do it properly. I love animals but rabbits have always been my very favourite pet so the name Bunny suits me through and through. The hardest part will be changing my official documents but I can’t wait to see my new name on them – especially given what I do with the rabbit sanctuary. You can actually call yourself anything you like, as long as it’s not rude.”

Brighton-born Sharon, who lives with Morgan and his daughter Kiah Gallagher, four, in Stenhousemuir, opened her sanctuary last year and runs it as part of the charity Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care.

The couple take in abandoned rabbits, nurse them back to health then help the charity find them a new home.

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In the remote village of Takhatpur, India, croaking is the norm during the much-celebrated frog weddings.

Residents believe these unusual nuptials will bring rain to relieve them of water shortages brought on by severe drought.

In some parts of India frogs are thought to have special powers because they can sense when it is about to rain – making a peculiar noise whenever the heavens are about to open.

In these rather irregular wedding photos the bride and groom are pictured being held together by two men as they seal their vows with a kiss.

The entire village appears to be taking part in the special ceremony and a number of children seem captivated by the service.

The happy couple are then doused in an orange powder and photographed with colourful flowers in front of a single flame.

A woman in traditional robes is also snapped dressing the amphibians in red cloaks and matching headdresses.

After the ceremony – where prayers are said to the rain gods – the newlyweds are set free near a local stream or river to enjoy their honeymoon as they wish.

Although the practice of marrying frogs may seem strange to Westerners, in India villages have been known to wed donkeys and buffaloes in a bid to bring rain.

And in the case of frogs believers don’t necessarily stop at marriage – holding baby showers and post-pregnancy rituals as well.

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A dream beach wedding had to be held twice – because the bride hadn’t said “I do”.

Kelly Sweetman and Nathan Rees, both 25, had kissed and left the service in Cyprus when their wedding planner realised the bride had not said the crucial words.

And they had to go through the ceremony again an hour later to make the marriage legally binding.

Kelly explained: “Nathan said his vows, the registrar told him to put the wedding ring on me and then announced that we were man and wife. I thought it was very strange I hadn’t said my vows but I didn’t say anything. I did notice all my guests looking very confused. Nathan and I then signed the register and were about to have our pictures taken.

“It was only when the wedding organiser overheard my guests saying that I hadn’t said my vows that it went a bit crazy. The hotel had to call the county hall and get the registrar back out to the hotel. They had to re-decorate the wedding altar for us.”

Nathan and Kelly flew from their home in Cardiff for the beach wedding organised by the hotel.

“Luckily everyone saw the funny side,” said Kelly. “The registrar was amazing and bought all our guests drinks, which was really nice. It was just one of those things. The registrar had carried out the service many, many times but just forgot my vows this time.”

Nathan added: “I didn’t mind having to go through the service again. I got to kiss the bride twice. I’d marry Kelly every day if I could.”

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It was not a happy wedding for one Austrian couple after the groom was caught doing it with a waitress at his wedding reception.

To make matters worse, the drunk 27-year-old was caught by his father-in-law.

The father-in-law had gone looking for the frisky groom in the kitchen where the wedding reception was being held in Feldkirch, Austria, and discovered his new son-in-law having sex with a waitress.

The father of the bride immediately halted the celebration and sent all the guests home.

The bride is hoping for a quickie divorce from her horny husband.

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A pair of Florida mud-bogging enthusiasts have been married at the same mud pit where the groom proposed a year ago.

Kodie Umphenour, 24, and Carina Pasco, 31, were married on Saturday at the Hog Waller Mud Bog & ATV mud pit in Putnam County.

They described the ceremony on the invitations as “Our Big Ol’ Muddy Redneck Wedding”.

The wedding was preceded by several minutes of mud tossing among guests and independent visitors to the mud pit.

ATV riders were asked to silence their engines during the ceremony.

The wedding blended the families of Umphenour, who has two children, and Pasco, who has four.

Umphenour said the wedding doubled as a honeymoon.

“I’ve got to get back to work Monday,” he said. “This is our honeymoon.”

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