A Pakistani delivery man for a Chinese restaurant in Dubai returned a lost wallet to an Indian man who also works in the Gulf state.

Mohammad Akram, 30, told Gulf News he never considered keeping the wallet, even though it contained 6,000 emirati dirhan ($1,630), about four times what he makes in a month delivering food for the China Garden restaurant. He spotted the wallet on the street while he was dropping off an order.

“Because anybody who had similar experience would be in trouble, that is the reason why I returned it without delay,” Akram said. “It is something my religion and my parents always taught me.” “My father was very proud when I told him about the incident.”

Akram said he made two attempts to return the wallet that night to K.V. Shridharan, a 30-year Dubai resident who works as a receptionist at the German consulate. First he called the consulate and then went there in person, but it was closed for the night.

Shridharan said he spent a sleepless night after reporting his wallet missing. He said he needed the money to pay his daughter’s tuition, and he never expected to get it back.

To his surprise, Akram showed up the next morning.

“It was like an angel walking inside, it was a miracle,” he said. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. I just embraced the young man and collapsed, I had no words, because I was so much in need of that money.”

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An unlucky French man in the south-east town of Montmélian spent Saturday night with his head trapped in a sewer.

Local newspaper Le Dauphine reported that the man had dropped his wallet down the sewer in an underground car park and went to retrieve it.

While doing so he slipped, ending up with his head in the sewer and his legs sticking out the top. He was unable to move from the space, just 40 centimetres wide and 1.5 metres deep.

The 40-year-old was stuck in the same position all night until someone using the car park spotted his feet sticking out of the sewer the next morning.

The passer-by called the emergency services who pulled out the man and resuscitated him. He was suffering from hypothermia and was taken to hospital for treatment.

Unfortunately for the man, there were yet more problems in store. Police also spotted that he had been siphoning off waste oil from his car into the sewer at the time.

Disposing of waste oil in this way is an offence in France, with serious cases risking up to two years in prison and a fine of €76,000 ($97,000).

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Four South Carolina men returned a wallet to a 73-year-old man after finding it in a Dumpster.

Guillermo Guerra, an El Salvador native said he discovered the wallet in the trash bin outside of White Tiger Furniture while throwing some cardboard boxes away.

Guerra and his boss, Jim Wyatt, visited the neighboring Hydra Tech Transmissions to find out whether the owners, Frank Leone and Mike Allen, were familiar with the 73-year-old man whose identifiction and credit cards were inside the wallet.

The men were unable to find anyone who knew the man, so they used a 44-cent stamp to send a letter to the address on the ID explaining how they had found the wallet.

Allen and Leone said the man came into their shop Friday and told them the wallet had been lost or stolen when he’d stopped recently to help a pair of stranded motorists whose vehicle had run out of gas nearby.

The men said they refused the man’s offer of a cash reward.

“It only costs 44 cents to do the right thing for somebody,” Allen said.

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A 9-year-old boy named Charlie left his wallet, which contained hundreds of dollars on a counter at a Virginia convenience store when he was getting a drink. When he returned, it was gone.

Charlie then posted a handwritten letter asking for the wallet back. Charlie’s pencil-written letter was taped to the store’s front door. It was titled, “How many people would return a lost wallet?”

The boy’s letter which contained his photo was posted on the store’s front door. It said the wallet contained more than $300 the boy had saved, along with gift cards he got for his birthday.

The letter ended with, “I hope whoever has it needed it more than me.”

Some time later a woman returned the wallet and its contents to the 7-Eleven store in Poquoson.

Store manager Marvin Ward declined to give further details on the woman who returned the wallet.

“The wallet’s been returned,” Ward said Monday afternoon. “Some lady turned it in and Charlie got his wallet back. Everything was in there.”

“I’m just glad Charlie’s got his wallet back,” Ward said.

The full text of Charlie’s letter is as follows:

“My name is Charlie I am 9 years old.

“I was in 7-11 getting a Slurpee with my Dad. I set my wallet on the counter while I made my Slurpee. I accidentally left it there.

“When I came back to get it it was gone.

“I have saved and have worked really hard for the $. It took a couple of years to collect.

“I also had 3 gift cards I just received for my birthday. My wallet had over $300 in it!

“I hope whoever has it needed it more than me.”

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A 61-year-old woman was shopping in a New Hampshire supermarket when someone stole her wallet.

Her empty wallet was later found at a Massachusetts post office. She had about $90 and a GPS stolen.

Then on July 26, the victim heard a knock on her door. A man said he was sorry, returned her belongings, gave her the long letter and fled. Police say the thief probably found her address from something in her wallet.

Deputy Police Chief Kathleen Jones says that although the woman is happy to have her belongings back, she’s unnerved that the thief knows where she lives.

Jones says the thief still faces charges when caught.

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25-year-old Daniel Damico had an interview with a prospective employer.

While in the office he noticed the interviewer’s wallet was unattended, so he decided to steal it.

He went into two different stores to use the stolem credit card to buy tobacco. It was in the second store that he dropped and lost his own wallet.

Damico then called police to report the loss. At this point the cops realised that Damico matched the description of the suspected wallet thief and arrested him on suspicion of burglary and grand theft.

Police recovered the credit card and the stolen wallet. Officers suspect someone else found Damico’s wallet. It has not yet been recovered.

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