The trial for a woman burned at the stake for practicing witchcraft almost 400 years ago was resumed again on Monday in Germany.

Katharina Henot was burned at the stake in Cologne in 1627 after being found guilty of practicing witchcraft.

She was arrested and tortured before being paraded through the city in an open cart before being tied to a stake and burnt to death.

Now, a panel of city councilmen whose predecessors found Henot guilty of witchcraft hundreds of years ago will review the evidence against her.

The trial was instigated by Hartmut Hegeler, an evangelical pastor and religious education teacher.

It is suspected the Henot, head of the city’s post office in her time, was accused of practicing witchcraft by her rivals.

“We were taking about the witch trials in class and my students asked me if whether the judgment against Henot had ever been canceled and the answer was ‘no,’” Hegeler said. “Katharina had her own reputation in high esteem; she would want to have it cleared.”

Her brother tried to clear her name after she was executed, but then he was accused — again — of being a witch himself. He went to prison, but the trials ended before he was sentenced.

At least 25,000 Germans, mostly women, were executed for allegedly practicing black magic between 1500 and 1782.

Towns and villages across Germany are now beginning to exonerate the names of those executed in an attempt to bring a belated justice.

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What use are the courts any more when you can receive the death penalty without a fair trial?

American militants like Anwar al-Awlaki are placed on a kill or capture list by a secretive panel of senior government officials, which then informs the president of its decisions, according to officials.

There is no public record of the operations or decisions of the panel, which is a subset of the White House’s National Security Council, several current and former officials said. Neither is there any law establishing its existence or setting out the rules by which it is supposed to operate.

The panel was behind the decision to add Awlaki, a U.S.-born militant preacher with alleged al Qaeda connections, to the target list. He was killed by a CIA drone strike in Yemen late last month.

The role of the president in ordering or ratifying a decision to target a citizen is fuzzy. White House spokesman Tommy Vietor declined to discuss anything about the process.

Read the rest of this article on the Reuters website

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A trial date has been set for 12 people accused of setting a pastor alight and murdering him.

The group had claimed that Albert Malwane, a pastor of the Izwi Zion Christian Church in Boschfontein in South Africa had been using a magic invisible penis to sleep with women.

They also accused him of having the ability of talking to animals and accused his wife of being able to turn into a snail in order to terrorise the community.

Not only did the group, including the community headman, burn and kill the pastor, but they also burnt down his home in the Etitandini informal settlement.

His wife and daughter managed to escape and hide from the rabble.

The villagers then complained that Malwane’s family had used ‘muti’ to make them sick after Malwane’s death.

The 12 accused have not been asked to plead.

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A lawyer in Chicago is claiming that his opponent in a small claims court case is using unfair tactics – by having a large chested woman at his table.

Attorney Thomas Gooch says the woman’s sole purpose “is to draw the attention of the jury away from the relevant proceedings”.

He asked Cook County Circuit Judge Anita Rivkin-Carothers to order the woman to sit in the gallery with other spectators.

Attorney Dmitry N. Feofanov, his nemesis, objected, saying that the woman was his paralegal assistant and contends Gooch cites no “good faith legal argument” why she can’t sit at counsel’s table.

To be clear, Gooch told reporters that he didn’t object to her large breasts, but because he doesn’t think that she is a paralegal.

“Personally, I like large breasts,” he said. “However, I object to somebody I don’t think is a qualified paralegal sitting at the counsel table — when there’s already two lawyers there — dressed in such a fashion as to call attention to herself.”

According to Feofanov, the paralegal, who the Law Bulletin says is identified in documents as Daniella Atencia, has been paid as a paralegal in two court orders by Cook County judges. Both times, the rate for the paralegal was $115 an hour.

“That’s not a qualification,” Gooch said. “That means Dmitry handed up a bill to a judge that said paralegal on it. I don’t believe it’s a legitimate thing. It’s a sham.”

The case which involves a dispute over a used car is scheduled tyo take place in June. The judge has yet to make a ruling on the matter.

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What a Douche! Newspaper fail

On December 13, 2010, in Crimes & Criminals, by Weird

Some headlines just write themselves!

Thank ye kindly ol FAILBlog

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This is one great show!

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