Overly-enthusiastic traffic wardens put a €35 parking ticket on a pet dog when they claimed its owner had left the three-year-old terrier tied up in the wrong place.

Baffled Ingeburg Kaminski, 75, came out of a shop in Essen, Germany, to find her dog Tessa sporting a ticket on her collar.

“I was only away for 20 minutes. They said Tessa had been left in the wrong place and was blocking the pavement,” said Ingeburg.

“But she was sitting quietly and people had plenty of room to walk around her. She’s sweet and tiny and loves attention, she’d never hurt anyone,” she added.

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An 11-year-old boy was ticketed for walking on the wrong side of the street after he was hit by an SUV.

The Texas boy has now asked for a jury trial.

Noah Popovich, 11, of Texas City, asked a municipal judge Tuesday for a jury trial to fight the citation he received Sept. 27 after he was struck by an 18-year-old driver in a sport-utility vehicle while he was walking to Levi Fry Intermediate School.

Popovich initially continued on to school, but was later sent home due to the pain from his injuries, which were not specified.

Police questioned the driver and Popovich and issued the boy a ticket for walking on the wrong side of the street. The driver was not ticketed.

“First and foremost, I don’t want that petty crap on his record,” said Ashley Falks, the boy’s mother, of the decision to seek a jury trial.

“Secondly, I have $10,000 in medical bills that can be denied by the insurance company if the case isn’t dismissed or if he isn’t found not guilty.”

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Dale Crawford says he wants to clear his own conscience and pay a $1 parking ticket he got 58 years ago in Houston.

The problem is that Houston’s traffic violation records from that era have been purged.

Crawford sent a letter to city officials after finding the ticket among some keepsakes.

He says it’s a debt that he wants to pay, though it’s a “small, almost unnoticeable amount.”

Crawford received the ticket Feb. 3, 1953, the day he was inducted into the Army. He left his 1946 Nash at a parking meter at the induction station.

When his dad was late retrieving the car, it had been ticketed.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker says she’ll personally accept Crawford’s payment Wednesday and thank him for setting an example for others who owe debts to the city.

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For one lucky lady, a mistake led to a once in a lifetime jackpot. Georgia Lottery officials say a store clerk’s mistake led to a woman who has been searching for a job to win $25 million.

The lottery says 44-year-old Kathy Scruggs matched all of the winning numbers in the Sept. 14 multistate Powerball drawing. She said she had requested a Mega Millions ticket but wound up with that and the Powerball ticket and accepted both of them.

Scruggs claimed her prize Monday at Georgia Lottery headquarters in Atlanta.

Scruggs said she selected the cash option and will receive $15,124,017 before taxes. Scruggs, who’s been looking for a job after a seasonal job ended last spring, now plans to buy a car, travel, and help her family and others.

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China never fails to provide a good, entertaining story.

In this case, a bus driver caused major congestion after he hid himself under his own vehicle to avoid being given a fine by police.

The man was stopped in Zhongshan, in China’s Guangdong province, after he was caught speeding through a red light and carelessly switching lanes.

In a desperate attempt to escape being given a ticket, the driver slipped past the officers and hid underneath his own parked bus.

Police were then forced to attempt to lure the man out from under the low-riding bus – as impatient motorists sat in ever-increasing traffic jams around the junction.

After failed attempts to talk the man out, the police called the fire brigade to tow the bus, but the threat only increased the unnamed man’s resolve as he crawled along in time with the moving vehicle.

The police eventually managed to get him out from the narrow space by using force – grabbing his arms and pulling him out. He was later taken into custody.

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This is so typical of many police officers today. They seem to lack all common sense, compassion and any ounce of humanity.

A New Hampshire couple is fighting a speeding ticket they received after the expectant mother went into labor, and her husband rushed her to the hospital with only minutes to spare.

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