A Thai woman who was suffering from depression is believed to have fed herself to the crocodiles at a popular tourist attraction in Thailand.

The 36-year-old woman told her husband that she was going to see a doctor and would then go to popular Crocodile Farm in Samut Prakarn just outside Bangkok.

She never returned home but she was caught on CCTV cameras entering the tourist attraction 20 miles south of the capital.

The mystery has deepened because the Crocodile Farm have reportedly denied the incident took place.

However, husband Sunai Jisathra, 55, claims he was told by workers there that a woman fitting his wife Tiphawan’s description had been killed.

He said farm workers told him it happened after the woman ‘jumped intentionally’ into a crocodile pit.

Mr Jisathra also said he had been contacted by a man who said he represented the farm and wished to make a settlement.

The husband said that he was not surprised. His wife had money problems and had suffered from depression for a long time.

‘It was possible she had committed suicide to escape her troubles,’ he said.

He said he would not file any charges against the farm owner. All he wanted was the truth and that incidents at tourist attractions in Thailand can often be covered up.

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Proceedings in Thailand’s parliament have been interrupted after the graphic image of a semi-naked woman flashed up on giant screens during a debate. The close-up picture of a young woman striking a provocative pose appeared on monitors as an MP addressed the house.

The images appeared in between footage of the debate, on a controversial constitutional amendment. The session was halted and the monitors hastily switched off after an MP complained.

The origin of the images is now being investigated. The Speaker, Somsak Kiatsuranont, said an official told him that the image’s appearance was the work of hackers outside of parliament.

Photographs of the incident apparently taken by an MP seem to show a woman reclining without underwear and holding her hand to her groin. MPs later resumed their debate, devoted to the second reading of a constitutional amendment aimed at paving the way for the drafting of a new constitution.

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It was a case of lost in translation for Fred Bennett, the owner of Brewers bar and restaurant in Nelson, New Zealand, when he decided to start selling Thai food. He hired a Thai chef and asked for his advice on choosing a good name.

The chef came up with a Thai phrase he said meant “Welcome and see you again”, and Bennett duly had a sign printed and installed outside the restaurant.

Months went by before he started wondering why he had served plenty of Westerners but hardly any Thai people.

The mystery was solved when his chef left and he hired a new one.

The first thing she said was: “Why did you call your restaurant ‘Go Away and Don’t Come Back’?” “That’s why it pays to research,” Bennett said.

Mr Bennett is happy to have changed the wording, but regrets that since then he has heard of at least one woman who refused to eat there when she read his sign.

“I’d like to apologise to the Thai community if I have offended them, which I’m pretty sure I would have,” he said.

He has now gone for a much safer name – Victory Thai.

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About 800 dogs were saved from the cooking pot in Vietnam by a navy unit operating on the Mekong River early on Thursday. The navy’s Mekong peace-keeping operation unit intercepted a group of smugglers trying to take a truckload of dogs by boat across the river to Laos from Nakhon Phanom’s Ban Phaeng district.

Capt Teerakiat Thong-aram, commander of the unit operating in Nakhon Phanom, said a team acting on a tip-off caught the smugglers in the act at Don Phaeng village in tambon Ban Phaeng at about 4am. They seized a six-wheeled truck loaded with 40 cages with about 800 dogs crammed into them as it was about to board a ferry waiting on the river bank.

One man was arrested. He was identified as Preecha Utthasri, 37, of Ban Phaeng district. Other members of the gang fled into the night. About 100 empty cages were also found on the river bank. They were believed to have been used to transport at least 2,000 dogs to Vietnam via Laos previously and then returned to Thailand, but had not yet been collected, Capt Teerakiat said.

It was the second recent interception of smugglers trying to take dogs to Vietnam for use in exotic dishes in restaurants. On Dec 26, about 300 dogs were rescued by a navy team on the bank of the Mekong river at Ban Thalad in Ban Phaeng district. One man was arrested. Nakhon Phanom deputy governor Somdee Khathayangyuen said smuggling gangs received a lot of orders for dogs during the New Year festival, when dog meat was very popular in Vietnam.

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