A Chinese man who swallowed barrel of a doctor’s syringe during a routine operation is set to receive 60,000 yuan ($9,500) in compensation after the hospital administrators admitted to their staff’s blunder.

Zhang Hua underwent an operation under general anesthesia March 22 to remove polyps from his nose at a hospital in Yichang, a city in central China’s Hubei province, the China Daily reported.

“When I came round after the anesthetic had worn off, I had an awful pain in my throat,” Zhang said.

As Zhang’s family brought the problem to his surgeon’s notice, they were told that it was a routine pain. Four hours later he got out of bed and vomitted.

“After vomiting some blood, I felt something stick in my mouth. It was covered in blood, and I threw it in a trash can before I realised it was a syringe barrel.”

In a statement, the hospital authorities later explained when surgeons removed a tube during the operation, they had placed a syringe barrel in Zhang’s mouth to extract phlegm and to prevent him biting himself.

After an investigation, an anesthetist is believed to have been found at fault for not removing the syringe barrel after surgery. The hospital said it has suspended the anesthetist from duty.

The hospital has “agreed in principle” to pay Zhang 60,000 yuan in compensation.

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It’s a scene right out of a horror movie: A young woman is claiming that her husband of three years has been forcefully drawing blood from her arms with a syringe, putting it into a glass, and drinking it.

The 22-year old woman, who lives in the Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh, was married to Mahesh Ahirwar, an agricultural laborer in 2007 in a Shikarpura village. He started drinking her blood a few months later, claiming it made him strong. He even did it while she was pregnant, though she didn’t start protesting until after she gave birth. Any attempt at resisting would result in her husband violently attacking her.

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