It streaked through the sky and made a loud boom in South Carolina, but what exactly crashed to Earth this week in the Palmetto State?

A local astronomer claims it was a meteorite.

Could this be a rogue alien craft, crash laded on our home planet?

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If you were driving near the South Carolina-North Carolina state line have been warned to be on the lookout for zombies, hunters and tanks.

The warnings were flashed up on to the electronic signs which normally warn drivers of road works or accidents.

It appears that someone ‘hacked’ into the signs sometime in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Ken Wilson, of the S.C. Department of Transportation, says a key is needed to get into the control boxes for the signs. A code is needed to change the wording.

Hackers pulled similar stunts in 2009, using road signs to warn of zombies in Collinsville, Ill., and Austin, Texas.

There have been no further reports of zombie attacks in the region.

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