Alabama police have said that a homeless man who was handling a decapitated snake head was treated after being poisoned by the snake’s venom.

Emergency responders in Mobile said the 41-year-old man stuck a finger in the mouth of what was believed to be the head of a cotton mouth and the snake’s fangs broke his skin.

He initially refused medical treatment, but paramedics were called back to the scene when the man began showing the effects of venom poisoning. He was taken to USA Medical Center for treatment.

A friend of the man said that he spotted the snake swimming in a nearby creek.

“I saw it swimming down along the creek and everything. And I ran down and hit it with the machete and killed it and brought it up. He picked the head up and stuck himself right in the finger with it,” the friend said.

“He put his finger in there and all of a sudden the nerves, I guess, and it bit down on his finger.”

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When English motorist Paul Wiseman began to feel seriously unwell a Good Samaritan appeared to be close at hand. But the man who for called an ambulance was also a car clamper.

After calling the emergency service he then continued to clamp his vehicle as Mr Wiseman was sent to hospital gasping for air.

Paul Wiseman had pulled over in a no-parking zone when he started to feel unwell but was targeted by an employee of the clamping firm Carstoppers Ltd as soon as he had stopped.

The 55-year-old father-of-two claimed he tried to stop employee Gareth Evans clamping his vehicle but was so ill that he slumped against his Mercedes van while he was struggling for breath.

Mr Wiseman, of Keighley, says Mr Evans then paused to call an ambulance but continued to clamp the van as Mr Wiseman was rushed away with blue lights flashing from the scene in Skipton.

Mr Wiseman, who runs his own cutting tool distribution business, said: “I pulled over in Devonshire Place when I started to feel ill at about 1pm. I didn’t realise it was the back of a business premises, I just needed to stop because I didn’t feel right. My son Chris had jumped out of the van to get me a sandwich. While I was waiting I saw this car come hurtling up to me and pull in front.

“This man rushed towards me carrying the yellow clamp and I got out to ask him what he was doing. I stood in front so he couldn’t do it. He was trying to get me out of the way so I pushed him backwards. I felt unwell, exhausted and was struggling to get my breath. And when I turned towards the van door I collapsed onto the floor of the van. He got out his phone and rang for an ambulance, but even though he could see I was unwell, he started to clamp my van. I wasn’t in any fit state to control what was going on and to take advantage of someone in my position is despicable.

“I’m furious about it now but at the time I was more concerned about what was wrong with me.”

He said his son Chris was confronted by Mr Evans, who handed him a document that said he would have to pay £150 to release the clamp.

“Obviously Chris was worried about me and wanted to come with me to hospital so there was no point in arguing,” said Mr Wiseman. “He had no choice but to go to the nearest cash machine, draw out the money and hand it over.”

Mr Wiseman was in hospital until around 5pm as his blood pressure ‘had shot up’. He is now awaiting further tests to find out what caused his illness.

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Health and safety bosses have warned Scottish people not to eat daffodils. They fear some people might have the blooms for lunch instead of putting them in a vase and looking at them.

So they’re putting out the message that eating daffs can give you a nasty dose of sickness and diarrhoea.

Trading standards officer Steve Fox, of East Renfrewshire Council, admitted: “This may be a stange request. But we want to flag this up, especially to parents of young children who may be attracted to the daffodil’s vivid yellow colour.”

To most people, the warning will be a contender for the daftest health advice ever given. But 10 Chinese people had to go to hospital in England recently after eating daffodils they mistook for Chinese chives in a supermarket.

Dr Mark Evans, of the South West Health Protection Unit in England, said: “We want to ensure, in particular, that the Chinese community know how easily the daffodil stalk and unopened bud can be confused with Chinese chives.”

Dr Evans said daffodil poisoning was “very unpleasant” but most victims recover without treatment.

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And the idiocy continues in the UK – this time from the cabinet level!

Workers who become ill during their holidays will be legally entitled to extra time off work under controversial plans to be introduced later this year by Vince Cable, the Business Secretary.

Under the changes to the working time directive, time taken off work for sickness, maternity and paternity leave must be given to workers in addition to their legal right to annual leave.

If a worker becomes ill during annual leave, employers will have to give them the extra time off after they have produced a sick note.

The new legal regulations will be introduced in October and the Government estimates that they will cost employers more than £100?million annually.

Ministers claim that the new regime must be introduced following several European legal judgments. However, the rules will add to growing concerns over the impact of regulation on British firms, which is thought to be undermining the economic recovery.

Ministers also admit that companies are also worried that the new rules are open to abuse as workers could falsely claim they were sick in order to claim more leave at a later date.

David Cameron has repeatedly pledged to cut regulation but an official report published last week showed only minimal action to reduce the burden on business.

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Many students in the Phu Yen Province of Vietnam have fainted after claiming that a toilet inside their dorm is haunted and they have seen ghosts.

Phan Van Tho, headmaster of the Son Hoa Ethnic Boarding High School in Son Hoa District confirmed that a large number of boarding students have fainted or screamed at nights from unknown causes during the past month. The time they acted strange was usually from about 8 pm to 11 pm every night, Tho said.

The first victim of the awful situation is K Pa Ho Luon, of Son Dinh Commune. One night in early November, after coming back to his dorm room from the toilet area, Luon fell down to the floor, talked nonsense, scratched against the floor and walls with his two hands, and then passed out.

After being hospitalised at the Son Hoa General Hospital, Luon recovered and told everyone that he had met a ghost in the restroom.

Many other students later suffered the same condition as Luon, and there was a case in which 12 students collapsed unconscious at the same time. Such a situation caused an atmosphere of fear among students and many dared not stay in the dormitory but hired houses or rooms outside the school.

Many students have been so haunted by ‘the ghosts’ that they dare not sleep alone or go to the restrooms after dark.

All of the fainted students were taken to the hospital for emergency treatment, Tho said. Tho could not explain what had really happened to his students but he rejected the rumour that the schools’ toilet area was haunted.

The school’s management has held meetings with parents and students to call on them to stay calm, pending an investigation by relevant agencies.

According to doctors at the hospital, some students might have passed out because of hypocalcaemia (low calcium levels in blood).

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It was not such a happy day in Happy Valley, Oregon, for one family in particular.

The family let Spot, a 14-year-old Jack Russell terrier, out at 10 p.m. Saturday to roam their yard.

They found her remains the next day, discarded near their home. The dog had been stabbed to death and partially skinned.

Police took the body to the Oregon Humane Society for a full necropsy, as coyotes are also known to skin their kills with almost surgical precision.

Veterinarian Kris Otteman, the society’s shelter medical director, confirmed that the dog had been stabbed several times and mutilated after it died.

This is the third time that there has been an animal mutilation case in Clackamas County recently.

“It’s despicable,” said Sgt. James Rhodes, Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman. “Somebody went out of their way to do this.”

Last month, Oregon City police found two cats had been killed and partially skinned. The cat mutilations are also unsolved, and authorities are looking at whether the three cases may be related.

The family released a short statement saying:

“We are at a loss to understand how someone could commit such a horrible act upon a helpless animal,” the statement says. “She was a very friendly dog, and even in her senior years still enjoyed her life and human affection. We hope that authorities will catch whoever did this so that no other pets or animals will be hurt. We are grateful for the many kind condolences we have received.”

Police are actively investigating these cases.

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