Police in Texas report that a woman who was aiming for a skunk, accidentally shot her husband when the bullet ricocheted.

Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk said that the husband was expected to be released Monday from a Houston hospital.

Kirk said that the accident happened Sunday night at the family’s house near College Station. The husband was inside.

The sheriff said that the wife, who has a concealed handgun permit, came out of the home’s detached garage and saw a skunk. The woman fired a .45-caliber handgun at the animal but missed.

The bullet ricocheted off a deck, went through the house’s closed back door and struck the husband in the abdomen.

Kirk said that the bullet did not damage any vital organs.

Kirk declined to release the names of the couple.

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Flesh-eating seagulls that attack southern right whales off the coast of Argentina are to be shot by police in patrol boats.

The birds have developed a habit of attacking the endangered mammals in one of their prime breeding grounds.

Seagulls off the coast of the Patagonian city of Puerto Madryn have discovered that by pecking at the whales as they come up for air they can create open wounds.

Each time the whales then surface gulls swoop down and cut away skin and blubber with their beaks and claws.

Aside from the environmental issues, experts also fear it could hit tourist numbers with whale-watching changing from a magical experience to something from a horror movie.

Whales are also changing their behaviour in response to the attacks. Instead of breaching the water and dramatically displaying their tails, they rise just barely enough to breathe through their blow-holes before descending to safety.

“It’s not just that the gulls are attacking the whales, but that they’re feeding from them, and this way of feeding is a habit that is growing and becoming more frequent,” said Marcelo Bertellotti of the National Patagonia Centre.

“It really worries us because the damage they’re doing to the whales is multiplying, especially to infant whales that are born in these waters.”

Environmentalists say the plan is misguided, claiming humans are to blame by creating so much rubbish that the gull population has exploded.

They say the only way to effectively reduce the seagull population is to deny the birds food by closing open-air tips around the gulf and stopping fishermen and a nearby seafood packing plant from dumping scraps into the water.

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A farmer in southern Nepal mistook his son for a monkey trying to steal his crops and shot the 12-year-old dead, police said on Sunday.

Chitra Bahadur Pulami had been climbing a tree to chase away macaques that had become a nuisance to the family.

But his father Gupta Bahadur, 55, spotted the boy and opened fire, wrongly believing him to be one of the animals.

“The son was hiding in a tree at their farm to chase away monkeys that used to come searching for food in the maize field,” said Arun Poudel, deputy superintendent of police in the remote Arghakhanchi district

“The son died on the spot after Gupta Bahadur mistakenly thought there was a monkey in the tree and opened fire. Our preliminary investigation shows that the father was unaware that his son had gone to the maize field to chase the monkeys. Both Gupta Bahadur and the gun that he used in shooting his son are now under the custody of the police.”

The three species of monkey native to Nepal, the rhesus and Assamese macaque and the common langur, are considered sacred and farmers normally try to scare them away from their crops without injuring the animals.

“I realised my mistake only when my son fell down and got stuck in one of the tree’s branches,” the farmer told police.

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A Goulais River, Ontario, man accidentally shot himself in the forehead trying to kill a mouse.

He was using the butt of a rifle to club the rodent when the weapon went off Wednesday at a camp on Anjigami Lake, about 40 kilometres southeast of Wawa, provincial police said.

A bullet grazed his forehead, said Const. Amanda Huff.

The man didn’t know the weapon was loaded.

“He was very lucky,” said Huff.

The man was treated in hospital and released.

Dale Whitmell, 40, was charged with careless use of a firearm and will appear in court Sept. 17.

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Three men were camping out in Russia’s Sverdlovsk region.

The group hanging out near a local forest counted four men, but only three of them were hit with bullets early on Friday, the regional branch of the Investigative Committee said.

One victim, a high-ranking private security guard, died, while the other two had to be rushed to the hospital in unspecified condition, the committee said without releasing the victims’ names.

The shooter, who fled the scene in an off-road vehicle, was some 70 meters away from the picnic when he fired a hunting rifle, the report said.

The report said the perpetrator possibly mistook the men for boars in the dark, without elaborating on what exactly could prompt the hunter to confuse vacationers with wild swine.

Police are looking for the hunter, who faces up to two years in prison for involuntary manslaughter.

This wouldn’t be the first time: last September, an elderly poacher in the Tyumen region shot his son-in-law dead during a hunting expedition.

The victim, seemingly bored of waiting for the game, played a prank on his relative by imitating boar noises, prompting the man to take a wild shot in the dark that hit the target.


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Pennsylvania state police say that a man shot his friend in the foot while aiming at a groundhog – then blamed the scope on his rifle for the incident.
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Online court records don’t list an attorney for 51-year-old James Sullivan, of Hempfield Township, who was charged in the incident about 8:30 p.m. Sunday.

Troopers from the Greensburg barracks say 51-year-old Barry Guy fell asleep on the ground near Sullivan’s home when Sullivan saw a groundhog about two feet away from Guy.

Police say Sullivan was on his porch when he fired the rifle, hitting Guy in the foot.

Police say Sullivan told them the scope on his rifle “must have been off.”

Guy was flown to a Pittsburgh hospital while police filed aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and other charges against Sullivan.

Hempfield is about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh.

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