A drunk British man wearing just his underwear sparked a coastguard search during the early hours after leaving his clothes and boots on Weymouth beach in Dorset.

Portland Coastguard feared the man had gone into the sea so two lifeboats were launched and lifeguards searched the beach for over an hour.

Police found the man “a little worse for wear” at about 05:00 BST.

A coastguard spokesman said he had walked about a mile back to the house he was staying – in just his underwear.

“When he was found he was a bit worse for wear,” he said. “He turned up back safe at the house where he was staying and was slowly sobering up.”

Dorset Police managed to track the man down after finding identification in his discarded wallet.

His pile of clothes – including his jeans, boots and socks – had been found by street pastors who raised the alarm.


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A tourist in Iceland who was declared missing and the subject of an intense police search had no idea she was missing, and in fact took part in the search itself.

The story began on Saturday when the woman, who was described as “of Asian origin, aged 20-30, about 160cm, wearing dark clothing and speaks fluent English” was declared missing somewhere in the vicinity of Eldgjá, in south Iceland.

The search found no sign of her.

However, on Sunday morning, she was reported found – and had no idea she was missing in the first place.

This was apparently the result of a misunderstanding regarding her appearance.

While it was initially reported that she had stepped off the bus at Eldgjá and never returned, in fact she changed clothing before getting back on the bus.

It appears she had even taken part in the search, without realising that she was the woman being searched for.

Eventually, it occurred to her that she could very well be the “missing person” being described, and reported the matter to the police.

The search was called off shortly thereafter.

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A Chihuahua is being hailed as a hero after police say it sniffed out two girls who were lost in a Georgia forest.

The girls, ages 5 and 8, disappeared Monday for a couple of hours when they were walking on trails near their neighborhood about 30 miles southwest of Atlanta.

As police and firefighters began to search for the girls, neighbor Carvin Young grabbed his 3-year-old Chihuahua and joined the search.

Young said that the dog, Bell, picked up the girls’ scent and began running until she reached them.

Rebecca Parga, the girls’ mother, says her children play with Bell almost every day, and the dog is very familiar with them.

The girls, Carlie and Lacey, were scared when they were found but were not hurt.

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A small crocodile is on the loose in a Bavarian lake popular with German bathers and has so far eluded a team of 12 police divers and a number of other land-based searchers.

The aquatic reptiles aren’t indigenous to any part of the European continent, so was probably released in the lake on purpose.

There have been two sightings already this month, including a dramatic encounter with a 44-year-old woman who was swimming in the Klausensee lake on July 1 and collided with the reptile, sustaining a 7 centimetre (2.75 inch) scratch in the process.

“The woman said she was swimming to retrieve her air mattress, which had drifted off along the shore when she was suddenly covered in earth and an animal swam over her, it had a long tail and was about a metre (three feet) long,” police in the town of Schwandorf said in a statement.

“She fled out of the water calling for help and described what had happened to her son who had come rushing towards her. But he could only see bubbles in the water.”

Police have been scouring the large lake with binoculars and have banned people from swimming or approaching its shore, but so far the Schwandorf community hasn’t descended into a Jaws-style panic.

“I don’t think it’s a life-threatening crocodile, it’s only a metre long and the tail will take up a lot of that, so it’s snout is unlikely to be huge,” police spokesman Michael Rebele said.

“An aggressive dog would pose a bigger threat. This animal doesn’t appear very aggressive. The claws and teeth could cause injuries though.”

The crocodile was last reportedly sighted at around 8 p.m. last Saturday by a man walking along the shore.

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A team of researchers will take an expedition to the Shennongjia forest of China’s central Hubei province, a forbidding 1,000 square mile reserve of high mountains and deep forests, to find evidence of the “Wild Man”.

For centuries, the villagers around the Shennongjia reserve have believed that the “Wild Man”, or Yeren, lives among them.

Standing just under seven feet tall (2.15 metres) and covered in dark grey hair, this Chinese incarnation of Bigfoot or the yeti has been spotted hundreds of times, the Age reported.

Size 12 primate-like footprints have been documented in the area, and long thick strands of hair have been tested by scientists, who concluded that they did not belong to any of the known creatures inside the reserve.

But no one has ever proven its existence.

This weekend, the team of 38 researchers drawn from several Chinese universities and research institutes will fan out across the Shennongjia reserve on an expedition to catalogue the region’s unique ecosystem.

Their trip will continue throughout August, and the researchers will collect data on some 1000 different types of animals that live in Shennongjia, including the golden snub-nosed monkey and a white-furred bear that is found only in the reserve.

If the researchers manage to uncover concrete evidence of the Wild Man, they will have succeeded where two previous major expeditions – one from 1974 to 1981 and one in 2010 – failed.

“I simply want to put an end to the argument that it exists,” said Wang Shancai, of the Hubei Relics and Archaeology Institute, when he set out in 2010.

In 2005, Zhang Jiahong, a shepherd in Muyu, near the forest, told state media he had seen two of the creatures, with “hairy faces, eyes like black holes, prominent noses and dishevelled hair, with faces that resembled both a man’s and a monkey’s”.

Another explorer, Zhang Jinxing, spent years living as a hermit in the Shennongjia forest, and said he had seen footprints on 19 separate occasions, without ever finding the beast.

However, Zhou Guoxing, a former director of the Beijing Museum of Natural History and a paleontologist, has cast doubt on the idea that there may be a Chinese Bigfoot.

“There is no Wild Man in this world. I’ve visited every place where the Wild Man was reported in China. I’ve studied everything related to the Wild Man including hair, skulls and specimens. All of them are dyed human hair or come from monkeys and bears,” he said earlier this year.

He added that the local government in Hubei was simply trying to drum up tourist revenue.


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Here’s a warning to the big-haired travelers of the world: Your voluminous hairdo might prompt a second round of security screening the next time you’re traveling through the airport.

Hairstylist Isis Brantley of Dallas said she can’t believe she was chased down this week at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport so that her afro-styled hair could be checked for weapons.

The 53-year-old woman said that she was halfway to her gate to catch an American Airlines flight to Dallas when she started hearing shouts.

“‘Hey you! Hey you! Ma’am! Ma’am! Stop! Stop! The lady with the hair! You!” Brantley said. When the Transportation Security Administration agent caught up with Brantley, she was told she would miss her flight if she didn’t allow her hair to be searched.

Brantley said she was in tears as the agent started “digging” through her hair to check for weapons. She asked the agent to “just find what you’re looking for and please hurry and leave.

It was just humiliating,” Brantley said. “I was so embarrassed.” In a statement, the TSA said Brantley left the checkpoint area before screening was completed and she refused a private screening that was offered.

“Additional screening may be required for clothing, headwear or hair where prohibited items could be hidden,” the statement said. Brantley, who said she hasn’t cut her hair since age 12, said her hair had never been searched before.

After complaining, Brantley said a TSA supervisor at Hartsfield-Jackson apologized.

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