Administrators in a Miami school distract said they were outraged to discover members of a high school marching band unwittingly appeared in a racy music video.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools spokesman John Schuster said the students and administrators were told the marching band members would be appearing in “a drum line type video” with rappers Juicy J, Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, but they were shocked to later discover the footage had been edited into the racy strip-club themed “Bandz A Make Her Dance” music video, The Miami Herald reported Wednesday.

“It’s just outrageous to think you have an individual take advantage of a school and students for a video,” Northwestern Principal Wallace Aristide said.

“They’re playing their instruments and thinking it’s something innocent, wearing our uniforms, only later to find out they edited the video with racy content.”

School Board Attorney Walter Harvey is reviewing the video for potential action against the producers, officials said.

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WARNING: Explicit lyrics


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Parents were caught allegedly doing drug deals and smoking weed as they dropped their children off at Longview Primary School in Liverpool, England.

Police are now probing the “disturbing incidents” witnessed in view of young pupils attending the school in Huyton.

One brazen person was seen buying drugs from a car outside the school just after lunchtime while another school run mum was spotted apparently smoking cannabis at 9am – the start of the school day.

Amanda Casey, headteacher of the 300-plus pupil school which caters for children aged three upwards, sent off a letter making an impassioned plea for the “minority” of parents responsible to “put the reputation of our school and the children’s needs first”.

Flagging up the incidents she wrote: “On one occasion a parent was seen apparently buying drugs from a car at around 1.15pm and at another time a mother appeared to be smoking cannabis at 9am. The fact that both of these events took place very close to our school, when there are children around, causes me a great deal of concern.”

She adds in her letter: “It is the responsibility of everyone at Longview to ensure that the environment both in and around the school is one which is both safe and makes our children feel proud.”

Parents expressed their anger at the “irresponsible adults” they accused of setting the wrong example to impressionable children.

One dad said: “I am shocked at what’s gone on and the parents should be ashamed turning up to school and doing drugs in front of the children.

“If they are smoking drugs at the school gates I worry about what sort of home life their children will have.”

A Knowsley council spokesman said: “The school received reports of alleged drug activity taking place close to the school. This information has been passed on to the appropriate agencies. The welfare and safety of our pupils is our priority and prompt action was taken. Whilst incidents of this nature are extremely rare they are taken very seriously.”

Police have said they would be working with the school and urged witnesses to shop those “engaging in drugs activity”.


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Peter Jackson is in trouble. Pupils at a London prep school have beaten movie director by releasing their own version of The Hobbit first.

Tolkien fans will have to wait until December to see the first film in Jackson’s trilogy, one of the most anticipated releases of the year.

But schoolboys from Tower House School have already finished their own feature-length 90 minute version of the classic novel.

Seventy boys, aged eight to 13, from Tower House School star in the movie, filmed at various locations around the country.

Although the film was produced ‘on a shoestring’, they did splurge some of the budget on a CGI dragon.

Joey Whittaker, 13, played Bilbo Baggins in the film.

He said “It was a really great experience. It is interesting seeing it and seeing you have spent two hours on something that goes by in a minute.

“I read a bit of the Hobbit but now I have a bit more knowledge. The Hollywood film is coming out quite soon and The Hobbit is going to become very popular, so it is a good feeling.”

Paul Geary, the school’s head of drama and director of the film, was thrilled with the finished result.

“It was our ambition to do something totally unique, something no other school has ever done,” he told the Evening Standard.

“As far as I am aware we are the first prep school to do a full feature-length film.”

The film received an official premiere at the Curzon Renoir Cinema in Russell Square.

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Boy walks to school on his hands

On September 21, 2012, in Asia, Heroes & Rescues, Home & Work, by Weird

A 10-year-old Chinese boy has been walking to and from school on his hands every day for the last four years.

Yan Yuhong, of Jiaba village in China’s Hubei Province, was left partially paralyzed by a childhood illness.

He initially crawled to get around but learnt to walk on his hands when he was just four-years-old.

Yan has to get up much earlier than his classmates – as his journey takes him an hour-and-a-half each way.

He can also get about with crutches but says he can walk much faster on his hands.

His father is also disabled, leaving his mother as the sole bread-winner, but Yan is determined to finish his schooling.

“I don’t want to quit,” he said. “I want to study hard, and support myself in the future.”

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Britain is becoming synonymous with stupidity and over-the-top political correctness.

In another incident of mind-boggling stupid decisions, a teacher at a Derby school has been fired for grabbing a pupil who assaulted him by throwing a milkshake over him.

After being soaked by the drink, and suffering a torrent of abuse from the 16-year-old boy, Robert Cox held the teenager’s arms and pinned him to his chair.

Mr Cox said he feared the boy was about to throw the chair at him. After he let the teenager go, the pupil did pick up a chair and threw it, although not at Mr Cox.

After the episode at Bemrose School was captured on CCTV, governors sacked Mr Cox, even though no complaint was made by the boy or his parents.

The 59-year-old, who said he had now been left “unemployable” and has twice attempted suicide, said he feared youngsters’ behaviour was getting “out of control”.

Married Mr Cox’s 13-year teaching career has been ended by the episode.

He said: “It has had a huge impact on me. I can’t get another job now and our financial situation is dire, to say the least.”

Mr Cox said it sent out a worrying message to teachers and pupils and launched a scathing attack on the management of the school in Uttoxeter New Road, Derby.

He said: “In all other public buildings you see posters saying abusive language and behaviour will not be tolerated. That is not the case at Bemrose. Instead, if you act within the school guidelines to protect yourself, to protect other students and to prevent an escalation of the situation, you are penalised.”

Mr Cox said the pupil involved in abusing him was excluded for four days.

He said: “I worry for my colleagues still there because the message this sends out is that if pupils threaten their teacher, the teacher is likely to be dismissed.”

The tribunal heard Mr Cox’s sacking was in response to the way he acted in the incident on March 4 last year.

It was following a commotion in the school canteen when some boys were “acting up” in front of another teacher. Mr Cox told one of them, a year 11 pupil, to sit down, at which point the teenager launched into a tirade of verbal abuse and then threw his banana milkshake over him.

Mr Cox, who said he had never witnessed such an outburst before, held the boy by the arms and sat him in the seat. He did that repeatedly every time the boy stood up because he said he feared the teenager was about to grab a chair and throw it at fellow pupils or a teacher if he did not restrain him.

When the school canteen emptied, the teenager did pick up a chair and threw it at an empty table.

Mr Cox, from Woodville, Derbyshire, was suspended and, following a disciplinary hearing, was sacked after the idiotic panel concluded his actions had been inappropriate.

Governors who are clearly not fit for purpose, ruled that he had used excessive force and had escalated rather than calmed the situation.

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The first day of school can be rough on kids and teachers alike. It can get worse when you are one of four identical brothers. How can teachers tell you apart?

In Shenzhen, one set of parents have come up with a remedy: shaving identifiers into their children’s heads.

In this case: quadruplets, with the identifiers being 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Although this may be seen as cruel, at least the kids will learn quickly to count up to 4 at least.

This story has gone viral in China, with nearly 13,000 forwards in 13 hours.

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