Police in the Netherlands said that they have shot a runaway wallaby dead “for the safety of the animal”, fearing it would run into traffic.

The police said that after attempting to sedate the animal, it hopped toward the highway.

The force said that “for the safety of the animal and of traffic, the animal was terminated”. Police spokesman Dennis Janus said that before being shot, the wallaby was hit with three tranquilliser darts, probably containing a lethal dose of sedatives.

Officers believed the animal would die painfully if hit by a car. The wallaby belonged to a private owner in the city of Houten, Netherlands, 50 kilometres southeast of Amsterdam.

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Veteran Aurora police and highway officials were stunned by a photo taken during a recent traffic stop, which shows a toddler wearing a diaper who is not properly restrained, sitting next to a gas can belted into a baby seat.

“This could be one of the extreme incidents we’ve ever seen,”said Aurora Police spokesman Frank Fania.

The photo was taken during a recent “Click It or Ticket” campaign conducted by the Colorado State Patrol and local law enforcement.

The car was stopped May 30 by an officer doing improper turn enforcement near East Iliff Avenue and Tower Road. He found that none of the occupants were using seat belts.

A 14-year-old was also a passenger in the car.

The female driver, the mother of children, was cited for no proof of insurance and three counts of seat belt violations, Fania said. The driver’s name was not released.

Under Colorado law, the boy should have been placed in a rear-or-forward facing car seat, said Colorado Department of Transportation spokesman Stacey Stegman.

The photo drew wide attention when it was posted online.

“People were pretty outraged,” Stegman said. “Besides not wearing seat belts, people were also angry about the gas can. Even if it was empty, people worried the boy was being exposed to toxic fumes.”

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A firearms safety course went awry in Virgina on Saturday when a man shot himself in the hand with a .45-calibre handgun. The bullet then passed through his hand and struck his wife, who was seated nearby, in the leg.

Michael L. Deel, 54, and Michelle K. Deel, 49, both of Roanoke were attending a firearms safety class being taught and hosted by Thomas F. Starke, 57, according to the department.

The sheriff’s office said that Starke told deputies that he had left the room, heard a shot and returned to find the Deels had been shot.

Emergency dispatchers in Bedford County received a call at 12:25 p.m. reporting a shooting on Chapel Woods Drive.

The Bedford County Sheriff’s Office said county rescue units and deputies responded.

The couple was taken by ambulance to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital with injuries that were not considered life-threatening.

The shooting remains under investigation.

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Even more ‘health and safety’ idiocy coming out of the world’s greatest nanny state – the UK.

Mothers have been told they cannot have a cup of coffee while looking after their toddlers at a children’s centre – because it’s against health and safety rules.

Council officers also told the group to change its name from Coffee and Play to Baby Play – and swap biscuits for fruit and breadsticks as snacks.

No children have been hurt in the five years the group has been running but the council said hot drinks were dangerous – even in special safety flasks.

Mother-of-three Candida Hillman, 40, called the ban “ludicrous”.

She said: “It’s health and safety gone loopy and things are more dangerous now – we could have a drink and watch our kids but now we have to go to a different room. It’s patronising to parents who usually have a cup of tea or coffee on the go when their kids are running about at home.”

Mother-of-two Sue Turner, 30, added: “If you want a cuppa, you have to leave your child. Surely it’s more dangerous that they’re alone?”

Warwickshire County Council defended the ban at Stratford-upon-Avon.

A spokeswoman said safety was the main priority and added: “Most of the feedback has been positive.”

Unfortunately it’s less about safety and more about petty power than anything else.

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It was at the Kent County showground (UK) where Matt Cranch, 24, who had been a stuntman for only a week, hit the ground head first as the net meant to break his fall collapsed.

The safety net that failed to break Mr Cranch’s fall was intended to collapse – but only after it had caught the stuntman. But witnesses said the net collapsed before the impact.

Now it is reported that some of the audience members have been demanding a refund of their £12 admission fee when the rest of the show was cancelled.

‘What a disgustingly shameful selection of people we have in Kent. How dare they demand a refund when someone has lost their life?’ the Mirror reported one man, Harry, telling his local newspaper.

‘I am ashamed to be a Kentish lad, born and bred, if people and their animalistic attitude towards money and getting a refund overrules the fact that something had gone terribly wrong.’

Peter Tupper, 35, from Maidstone, told the Daily Star: ‘You heard people whingeing. Within five minutes of the accident they started walking out, saying they wanted their money back.’

Over the past several years, stories like this have been getting increasingly common. Another popular past time of these people is chanting ‘Jump, jump’ when seeing someone planning on commiting suicide by jumping.

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