There were no reported injuries in an accident on Thursday afternoon that led a commercial vehicle carrying watermelons and tomatoes to overturn on the Pennyrile Parkway in Kentucky.

According to Kentucky State Police Officer Chris Green, it’s unknown why the southbound vehicle driven by Robert C. Van Walker, 68, Chicago Heights, Ill., veered off the road, struck a guardrail, overturned and caught fire at around 3 p.m.

But the resulting mess of smashed watermelons and crushed tomatoes meant the Pennyrile Parkway had to be closed for four or five hours while the vehicle was removed from the scene and the produce was cleaned up.

Also assisting at the scene around the 58-mile marker were the Webster County Sheriff’s Department, Webster County EMS, Sebree Fire and Rescue, Slaughters Fire Department, and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

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A truck driver caused caused a enormous traffic jam after he spilled 24 tons of sardines onto the road because he forget to close the back doors properly.

Motorists along the highway near Kolobrzeg, Poland, were held up for hours while workers cleared up the huge trail of fish which had been scattered for several hundred metres along both sides of the road.

‘At first we thought it was some sort of divine judgement – like a plague of locusts or frogs,’ said one motorist Wladyslaw Nowak, 62. Police say the fish came from a transporter driven by trucker Jakub Carowski, 26, who had failed to shut the back doors properly.

As well as a £50 fine, the driver has to fork out a further £5,000 to pay for clearing up the road. ‘You could say it’s the scales of justice,’ said one officer.


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A road dividing fence chain on a bridge fell like dominoes, with the last section hitting a minivan, on Tuesday in Jinhua City, China’s Zhejiang Province.

Fortunately, no serious damages were caused.

A surveillance camera footage recorded the spectacular domino display of the 1.5-kilometre long road dividing fence chain on Shuanglong Bridge in just 30 seconds.

Local traffic police soon arrived at the scene to lift the 10-ton road dividing fence chain section by section.

This is the second time for the fence chain to fall, according to Shao Zhichang, deputy head of a traffic police brigade in Jinhua. The first fall happened ten days ago.

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Fire crews in England closed off a road and mounted an 11-man rescue operation to come the aid of a pigeon trapped above a restaurant.

The chaos began when staff at a Pizza Express, in Bournemouth, Dorset, noticed the pigeon and alerted the RSPCA and the RSPB who then called the fire brigade.

Once officers arrived, work began to release the bird, which had become caught behind netting.

Two fire engines with an aerial ladder platform turned up and officers took an RSPCA officer up to the building’s third storey.

RSPCA inspector Jo Story, who went up with the firemen, said they discovered a dead bird while they released the trapped one. Jo said:

‘Unfortunately when something is up that high there’s nothing I can do but call the fire brigade. Thankfully they are always willing to come out and help if they are not doing anything more urgent.

‘I know a lot of people will see this as a lot of effort for a pigeon but from the RSPCA’s point of view, a life is a life.’

A spokeswoman from Dorset Fire and Rescue service said: ‘We went along to a road in the town centre because there was a pigeon stuck. The RSPCA had called us and we used an aerial ladder platform we were using for training nearby to rescue the bird.’

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A German motorist’s bid to begin driving a replica of Fred Flintstone’s footmobile has been scuppered after police ruled that his Stone Age vehicle was too unsafe to take for a spin.

Featuring a wooden frame design and leopard print seat covers, engineer Sebastian Trager built the model using the chassis of a Volkswagen Polo. There’s no need for Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble’s pedal power however, with the modern adaptation of the Flintmobile boasting a 1.3 litre engine hidden under the front roller.

Trager’s bid to make his vehicle legally roadworthy hit the skids after German police ruled that the vehicle was too unsafe to be driven on public roads. ‘We copied every last detail. I work in car construction and love working with cars so it is perfectly safe,’ explained Trager.

‘But when we got the registration form section about the number of lights, windscreen washers and wipers, well, we don’t even have a windscreen so we gave up. Instead we trailer it to shows and exhibitions for people to see and everyone seems to love it.’

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On Friday morning, motorists got a spectacle of the bovine variety when a cow and a bull, oblivious to the highway traffic, decided to do the wild thing in a construction zone on Route 28 in Rayburn Township.

Pennsylvania State police dealt with traffic congestion caused by the amorous pair “having relations in the road” at the intersection of Routes 28/66 and Route 85 in Rayburn Township, near Kittanning.

Mark O’Neil, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau near Harrisburg, saidthat it was his understanding that the cow and bull may have been having “relations” along the road for several hours.

Two local members of the state farm bureau were called to the scene to help clear the animals off of the highway and that it took 15 minutes to separate the bovines.

“We’ve had cows hit by cars before … this is a first in my career,” state trooper John Corna said.

Alvin Rosenberger, of Red Mill Road in Kittanning, later claimed ownership of the 6-year-old black cow and the young red bull.

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