The inmates at New Zealand’s New Plymouth prison are known to be hard. But they are becomming known for something completely different – their knitting skills!

Each day inmates get together to knit beanies, moccasins and scarves which are donated to those in need in their community, such as the Women’s Refuge.

“[It’s] very unusual, in a prison full of men knitting would be the last thing anyone would think of,” says one prisoner.

Anyone except for Barbara Sarjeant, who set up the popular knitting circle.

When asked about the challenges of the project, she said:

“I don’t think there were any, we just got on with it and it just happened, it was not difficult the ones who were keen very quickly picked it up, it wasn’t difficult.”

“It’s productive, you can see what you’ve produced, it goes to Women’s Refuge so it goes to a good cause,” says an incarcerated wool-spinner.

Then there are the simple pleasures of sharing a yarn.

“We sit round and chat and they help each other and sometimes we talk about what’s on the news,” says Ms Sarjeant.

There’s no shortage of enthusiasm, but donations of wool would be gratefully received.

Similar projects run in other countries. One successful knitting project is run at the Jessup Pre-Release Unit, Maryland.

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It is unclear exactly why 48-year-old Marvin Lane Ussery was doing exactly opposite to what prisoners normally do.

Authorities say they caught the California parolee trying to sneak back in to the prison.

Corrections Sgt. Tony Quinn says Ussery was spotted scaling the 7-foot tall, barbed wire-topped fence that encircles a large wooded area behind the California State Prison in Sacramento.

Quinn says Ussery served time at New Folsom for robbery before he was paroled in June 2009.

Officials are investigating whether Ussery was attempting to smuggle in drugs or cell phones, but say they haven’t found any contraband.

Ussery is being held in Sacramento County Jail on suspicion of violating his parole and being an ex-convict on prison property.

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Inmates took part in the third annual Miss Penitentiary beauty pageant at the Women’s Prison of Brasilia in Brasilia.

Raira Passion wins the title of “Miss Penitentiary” after garnering the most votes during the third annual beauty pageant at the Women’s Prison of Brasilia Aug. 9, 2011. A modelling agency selected 12 finalists out of the nearly 100 women who entered the competition.

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People do extremely odd things. This case is not only odd but also disgusting!

A judge ordered a California man, who was convicted for ejaculating into a co-worker’s water bottle, to pay more than $27,000 to his victim.

Superior Court Judge Walter Schwarm said Michael Kevin Lallana, of Fullerton, Calif., must pay restitution for therapy and loss of wages.

Lallana was also sentenced to 180 days behind bars after he was convicted of twice putting semen in his co-worker’s water bottle without her knowledge at a Newport Beach, Calif., financial company last year.

The victim sent the water bottle in for testing because it tasted strange, and the water was found to contain semen.

The jury found Lallana, 32, committed the acts for sexual gratification.

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You know when something is rotten with the justice system where the killer gets out of prison before his victim’s mother.

OK let me explain.

Raquel Nelson from Marietta, Georgia, was coming home on a public bus with the three kids. She doesn’t own a car and was out shopping for supplies for her birthday.

The bus dropped them off 3/10 of a mile away from the nearest pedestrian crossing.

She described what happened to her that night to the Atlanta Constitution-Journal:

When the Cobb County Transit bus finally stopped directly across from Somerpoint Apartments, night had fallen. She and the children crossed two lanes and waited with other passengers on the raised median for a break in traffic.

The nearest crosswalks were three-tenths of a mile in either direction, and Nelson wanted to get her children inside as soon as possible. A.J. carried a plastic bag holding a goldfish they’d purchased.

“One girl ran across the street,” Nelson said. “For some odd reason, I guess he saw the girl and decided to run out behind her.
I said, ‘Stop, A.J.,’ and he was in the middle of the street so I said keep going. That’s when we all got hit.”

The car then drove off, making the driver guilty of hit-and-run.

The driver, Jerry Guy, admitted he had been drinking and taking prescribed painkillers the night of the accident, and had been convicted in two earlier hit-and-runs. He served six months in jail for the crime.

Over the next month, as Guy was processed by Georgia’s criminal justice system, Nelson buried and grieved for her son. But on May 14, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ran a long story under the headline, “Jaywalkers take deadly risks.”

The article mentioned Nelson and her son, pointing out that she hadn’t been charged with any crime. Three days later, the Georgia Solicitor General’s office charged Nelson with the three misdemeanors.

Raquel Nelson was convicted of jaywalking, homicide by vehicle and reckless conduct by a jury and faces sentencing tomorrow. She could receive a sentence of up to 3 years.

Now here is the unbelievable part – she faces prison time which could be SIX TIMES the amount that the drunk, killer driver who drove off could get.

“I think to come after me so much harder than they did him is a slap in the face because this will never end for me,” she said. “It’s three years away from the two that I have left.”

Nelson also said that the jury had “never been in my shoes,” because each of them answered that they had never taken public transportation before.

“We are just hoping as a family that [the judge] is compassionate and lets my niece remain with her other children,” Nelson’s aunt Loretta Williams said. Nearly 75,000 have signed an online petition in support of Nelson.

Radio DJ Rob Redding talks about the case and interviews attorney Roy Miller:

YouTube Preview Image

Watch an interview with Raquel HERE

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Utah, it seems, has decided that a man’s constitutional right to stay silent and right to the 5th amendment must be thrown out the window and he will remain illegally imprisoned until he gives up those rights.

The mystery man was arrested on minor charges more than three weeks ago but remains behind bars in while law enforcement officials try to determine his true identity, which he refuses to reveal.

“This is really a strange case,” said Lt. Dennis Harris with the Utah County Sheriff’s Office. “He just doesn’t want to be found.”

The man, who has graying hair, a light beard and is believed to be in his 60′s, was arrested on July 1 for trespassing in a parking garage and was booked into jail on three misdemeanor charges. He has thwarted any chance of release, with or without bail, by refusing to identify himself.

Law enforcement officials say the man is “fairly well spoken and educated,” but very guarded about his identity.

“I’ve been trying to think from A to Z why he would want to stay here … why he wouldn’t give us any information,” Harris said.

“He either has to be wanted by some other state or he could be on some other registry or database that has not shown up,” he added.

“He was very aware of what we were trying to do and he would not give us the slightest bit of information indicating where he was from or anything relating to his family situation,” said Harris.

“We’ve had a lot of people call in but nothing has panned out. Nothing,” he added.

“He said the food has been great,” Harris said.

“I realize that sometimes people want to go to jail because they are homeless, have nothing, they are destitute. I’ve seen that over the years. I just don’t get the impression that’s the reason. He just doesn’t want to be discovered by somebody.”

“He said there was a point at some time that he would need to get out of jail,” Harris said. “That’s the closest I can find of what he wants to do. And that makes no sense to me whatsoever.”

There has been an outcry as many people deem Utah’s behavior as illegal. The man has served his time and deserves to be let out – regardless of whether he gives his identity or not!

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