A desperate Egyptian who was in love with his neighbour for several years went berserk and sawed off his organ when she refused his marriage proposal.

The woman, a divorcee, who encouraged him to have a sexual relationship with her, however, started pestering him to marry her.

She even threatened to end their relationship if he did not wed her.

However, he was not financially stable enough to settle down with her.

When he failed to convince her, he took a knife and chopped off his private part and flung it on the street in a fit of rage.

But by the time he realised his action and ran out to collect his organ, a dog was munching on it.

The man fell unconscious and went into coma later.


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A teenager is recovering after police say he shot himself in the penis and testicle while cleaning a gun he just bought.

It happened on Thursday morning at a home in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Police say 18-year-old Michael Smeriglio first lied to police saying someone shot him while he was walking down the street.

After being questioned by police he admitted to accidentally doing it himself.

Doctors say the bullet went through his penis, his left testicle and then lodged itself in his thigh. Smeriglio told police he bought the gun last month at a party.

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A chef’s rice creation at a Japanese restaurant in Wichita, Kansas, offended a diner.

Natalie Cunningham of Andover was dining with her husband and their 16-year-old foreign-exchange student at the Sumo by Nambara restaurant in Wichita on Saturday night.

At Sumo, diners sit around a grill and watch chefs prepare their meals.

Cunningham said she and others at her table, which included three children, could see what the chef at the next table was preparing: He formed fried rice into a large version of a male’s sexual anatomy, then splashed drops of oil onto the grill to embellish his creation.

Cunningham was outraged, and went to talk to the manager, who told her chefs had done this in the past but had stopped because of complaints.

She said she has asked that Sumo put a stop to the practice.

“I was physically shaking, I was so shocked and upset and angry,” said Cunningham.

The restaurant said the chef was responding to a request by a bachelorette party seated at his table. Chefs often receive requests from diners who are having celebrations to make shapes out of the food in fun.

In this case, the chef went too far, said Ivy Yang, the restaurant’s owner.

The chef was reprimanded and reminded of Sumo’s code of conduct and “his responsibility to create a pleasant dining environment for every customer,” Yang said.

The reprimand included no punishment.

Yang said the chef, whom she wouldn’t identify, has been a good employee for 12 years and didn’t act with malice.

Some people are way too easily offended by triviality.

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After we heard about the boy with the ring on his penis, we now hear of another ‘ring on penis’ story…

While on routine patrol in Laguna Beach, California, just after noon on Saturday, a LBPD sergeant was flagged down by a couple who were concerned about a man in a vehicle with the windows rolled up.

They told him that they had heard moaning coming from the area of the parked car the night before.

They were on their way to breakfast on Saturday morning when they observed a man in the car and believed he might be deceased. That didn’t dissuade them from their breakfast plans, however.

After returning they flagged down the officer and asked that he check on the man.

Captain Jason Kravetz said: “The Sergeant contacted him and saw that he was soaking wet from sweat and also pale white. He said he had passed out in the vehicle the previous evening and was severely dehydrated.

“When asked to stand up, he was not able to, because he had a bag of ice on his groin and was suffering from a metal ring stuck on his penis.”

He added that he had taken a “Superman” form of Viagra and placed the 2” diameter metal ring on his penis three days ago.

After engaging in intercourse, he was still unable to remove the ring, police said.

After three days of trying to remove the ring, he went to a friend’s home in Laguna Beach for help.

Kravetz explained, “The man was in extreme pain and asked for medical assistance from LBFD. After the medics explained to him that the tourniquet like ring could permanently injure his penis if not drained, he insisted on trying to remove it himself. He was provided privacy and used a tube of lubricating jelly to successfully remove the ring. He was then able to drive himself to the hospital.”

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A ring stuck on a 16-year-old boy’s penis had to be removed by hydraulic cutters after doctors at a Turkish hospital failed to do so in Istanbul’s Maltepe district yesterday.

F.K. informed his parents after a two-centimeter wide ring got stuck on his penis.

The family took F.K. to the emergency service at the Dr. Lütfi K?rdar Kartal Traning and Research Hospital.

Doctors there had to direct F.K. to urology after they failed to remove the ring in the emergency room.

The ring could not be removed by doctors at the urology department either, which prompted the doctors to call for help from the fire department.

Firefighters arriving at the hospital cut the ring off with a hydraulic cutter.

According to reports, F.K.’s sexual organ was damaged because it was constricted by the ring for a long period of time.

The teenager will be released from hospital following treatment.


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An unknown fish has attacked three children in the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap, southern Vietnam, leaving them critically injured, a local doctor said on Saturday.

Dr. Nguyen Van Hoang from Thap Muoi District Hospital said two of the children, seven-year-old Nguyen Huu Thien and four-year-old Nguyen Hoan Hao, are still in the hospital after the attacks on August 5 and 9 respectively.

Both of them suffered serious injuries to their penises.

Thien lost most of his while Hao lost half of it, Hoang said, adding that doctors have conducted surgeries to re-join the boys with their severed members.

It was “good” that the injuries did not have any sign of venom, the doctor noted.

According to Nguyen Huu Tinh, Thien’s father, his son was attacked when he was swimming in the Kenh Giua River, which is between four and five metres wide, with other children.

After they had been swimming for some 30 minutes, adults who were nearby heard Thien cry out loud and saw him trying to get something off his penis.

The adults then jumped into the river, took him to the bank and rushed him to the hospital.

Hao, meanwhile, was attacked when he was swimming in the same river with his elder sister.

Details on the case of the third victim, who has been discharged from the hospital, were not immediately available.

An unnamed expert from the National Centre for Southern Freshwater Species said that he was “surprised” at the reports, given that freshwater fish species in the Mekong Delta are not known for attacking humans.

The centre will propose that local agencies in Dong Thap issue warnings to local people about swimming in the river while also using all methods at their disposal to identify the mysterious fish, the expert said.

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