Proceedings in Thailand’s parliament have been interrupted after the graphic image of a semi-naked woman flashed up on giant screens during a debate. The close-up picture of a young woman striking a provocative pose appeared on monitors as an MP addressed the house.

The images appeared in between footage of the debate, on a controversial constitutional amendment. The session was halted and the monitors hastily switched off after an MP complained.

The origin of the images is now being investigated. The Speaker, Somsak Kiatsuranont, said an official told him that the image’s appearance was the work of hackers outside of parliament.

Photographs of the incident apparently taken by an MP seem to show a woman reclining without underwear and holding her hand to her groin. MPs later resumed their debate, devoted to the second reading of a constitutional amendment aimed at paving the way for the drafting of a new constitution.

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Two ministers in the Indian state of Karnataka have resigned after they were accused of watching pornography in the state assembly.

Footage showed Laxman Savadi apparently watching a clip on a phone and sharing it with his colleague, CC Patil, the minister for women and children. Another minister, Krishna Palemar, the phone’s reported owner, also quit.

The pair denied watching porn but said they quit to prevent embarrassment to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party.

There was public outrage after news channels ran the story on Tuesday evening, and opposition parties demanded the resignation of the ministers.

“I have resigned to prevent any embarrassment to the party. All three of us will prove our innocence,” Mr Savadi said.

The footage of the ministers was captured by news channels positioned in the media galleries during a debate in the state assembly.

It shows Mr Savadi, the minister for co-operation, watching a clip on a mobile phone and then showing it to Mr Patil. The clip appeared to show a woman dancing, undressing and then having sex.

“Why should I resign?” Mr Savadi asked on Tuesday. “The video I watched was of a woman being raped by four people. It was not porn.”

He said he was watching the footage to “prepare for a discussion [in the assembly] on the ill-effects of a rave party” in the state recently.

Mr Patil told reporters: “We are not so uncivilised as to watch porn films.”

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A Dutch minister had a lucky escape when a lamp crashed down from the ceiling of the parliament chamber and narrowly missed her.

Health minister Edith Schippers was leading a debate about health care reforms involving the chronically ill and handicapped when the lamp fell.

It smashed on a table right beside her. The near-miss left her so shaken that the debate was halted temporarily while she regained her composure and staff cleaned up the broken lamp.

Video images recorded during the debate did not capture the lamp falling, but registered a loud bang and showed Labour MP Jetta Klijnsma shriek and clasp her hand over her mouth in shock. Parliament spokesman Jos Jochemsen said it was not known why the lamp fell.

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The decline of society in the once Great Britain has left kids desiring an easy life with no work.

This lazy attitude was brought up by Burnley MP Gordon Birtwistle who has told of an 11-year-old boy who told him that his dream was to become a benefit claimant.

The shocking story recounted by Mr Birtwistle during a House of Commons debate this week.

The MP was speaking in response to a motion by shadow Secretary of State for Education Andy Burnham that the Government should act urgently to guarantee face-to-face careers advice for all young people in schools.

Mr Birtwistle said it was important to increase the amount of careers advice for young people, to raise their aspirations and encourage them into work.

“When I was leader of Burnley council three years ago, I went to a junior school to speak to some Year Six pupils, who were about to go on to secondary education,” he said.

“The headmistress had invited a number of prominent people in the town – the Mayor, myself and one or two more – to say what our jobs were.

“After we had told the young people what our jobs were, we asked them what sort of vision they had for their future.

“One little girl said that she was interested in becoming a nursery nurse, as she had some siblings and was keen on looking after them.

“But the shock for me came when one young man said, ‘I want to be a benefit claimant’. That was the aspiration in life of a young man of 11, and he had never been given any different advice.”

Mr Birtwistle said getting businesses involved with Burnley’s secondary schools had helped the situation, but added more needed to be done to encourage them to realise their full potential, in terms of education and employment.

“We have a careers service that has failed the young people of this country for 30 years, and we need to do something about it,” he said.

“We do not need the Government to do everything. We need to get the professionals from industry involved.

“Why do we not invite Sir John Rose, who has retired from Rolls-Royce, to talk to people and advise them about how he would run a careers service?

“He has run Rolls-Royce for donkey’s years and made it very successful.

“I do not think that the Government can do this on their own. People outside government can give better advice than anybody within it.”

Almost a year ago Burnley, along with Aberdeen, was chosen to pilot a re-testing scheme to get more people off benefits and back into work.

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So what do you do when your parliament is not working out as expected?

That’s right, you sacrifice seven rams before the morning session in order to banish ‘evil spirits’.

This is what they did in the newly formed Kyrgyzstan’s parliament.

The fragile governing coalition has come under threat after weeks of bitter recriminations and disputes in parliament, leading a senior government member to resign temporarily.

“We decided to resort to popular customs, in order for this building not to see bloodshed anymore,” member of parliament Myktybek Abdyldayev told reporters after the rams were sacrificed on a green lawn in front of the government headquarters.

We acted like those who light candles or fumigate their homes in order to banish an evil spirit from their conscience.”

The ritual of making a sacrifice is widespread in the impoverished, predominantly Muslim nation of 5.4 million.

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So why does an anti-porn politician watch porn in parliament? I doubt any of us will know but it does make you wonder on why he is so against porn in the first place…

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