Two Texan firefighters for violating the city’s conduct policy following an investigation into a complaint about photos of naked men on display at their fire station, an official said.

Conduct that interferes with operations, discredits the city or is offensive to customers or fellow employees will not be tolerated, according to the city.

The sexy photos, including men in sexually provocative poses, were displayed at Victoria Fire Station No. 2.

“To protect all parties involved in internal investigations, the city will not comment on individual cases,” said O.C. Garza, a spokesman for the city.

One of the fired firefighters stated that the target of the practical joke was, “amused and did not take offense to any of the images.”

He also contended that such behavior is typical at the fire department.

“It is customary and traditional in the fire service to play practical jokes and tolerate mild horseplay,” he wrote.

“Multiple examples of this type of behavior have been documented in many employee files and such behaviors are cemented in firefighting tradition,” he stated.

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Gay coffins launch in Germany

On November 17, 2010, in Sex & Nudity, Society & Culture, by Weird

I am sorry, but these are just plain tacky!

German funeral directors are soon to offer special coffins for gay people made by Mike Konigsfeld and Tom Brandl in Cologne, Germany.

The caskets will feature homoerotic artwork on the outside. The inside has ‘a series of luxurious plush interiors’. According to the makers “The images of muscular young men in classical poses are the perfect way to send off a loved one”.

“Naturally there were some people who threw their hands up in horror when we had them on display in the window but they are tasteful and beautiful – like our customers,” explained Mike.

“People are cutting back in the recession but the one group of consumers who still have high spending power are gay couples and very few people are designing for them in this market,” he added.

Maybe WWN should go into the coffin business. We could offer images of busty young ladies in various classical poses for straight people. Anyone interested?

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