A worker at a Jimmy John’s sandwich shop in Michigan choked on sandwich meat as part of a dare and was revived by a police officer, police said.

The Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety said that the worker attempted to swallow six pieces of Italian meat on a dare from a co-worker shortly before 10 p.m. on Wednesday.

The worker started chocking and was blue and unresponsive when officers arrived.

Officers said fellow employees unsuccessfully attempted the Heimlich maneuver on the choking worker before police arrived.

Police said Officer Keaton Nielsen was able to dislodge the airway obstruction, but the worker remained unresponsive and was not breathing.

Nielsen gave the employee breathing assistance for about one minute until he was able to breathe on his own.

The worker was taken to Bronson Methodist Hospital for treatment.

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Pigeons are set to be culled in Royston, England, with one councillor claiming the dead birds could be used as a “food source”.

Royston Town Council in Hertfordshire unanimously voted in favour of asking business partnership Royston First to dispatch the birds and will also attempt to clampdown on people feeding them.

Cllr F John Smith, 80, said a return to old-style cooking could help with the disposal of the bodies. “When you use the word ‘cull’ it has a very negative effect on people but there is an advantage to this method.

“I’m being perfectly serious that pigeon pie is not eaten as often as it used to be, in other words shot pigeons give us a food source.” An estimated flock of 400-600 birds call the town home and members have hit out at the mess left by the birds which is deemed to cause a slip risk for some residents.

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The driver of a tractor-trailer carrying meat fell asleep on Thursday morning before smashing into a truck hauling onions, causing food to spill all over southbound Interstate 95 and blocking the highway for hours.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers said that the crash happened at around 3 a.m. near State Road 44 in New Smyrna, Florida.

Troopers said the truck hauling refrigerated meat rear-ended the truck hauling onions, which caused the trailer to come apart, spilling one ton of 50 lb bags of onions all over the interstate.

The driver of the meat truck, 38-year-old Pierre McClain, of Hialeah, Fl., told troopers that he fell asleep before striking the rear of the onion truck driven by 56-year-old Leonel Vazquez-Suarez, of North Carolina.

“It’s not a pretty sight,” said Mitch Henderson, of FHP.

Vazquez- Suarez was not injured, according to FHP. But McClain was trapped inside the smashed semi cab and had to be cut out by emergency responders. He was then airlifted to Halifax Hospital.

“He’s in stable condition. I think he’s got a couple broken ribs and a broken femur,” said Henderson.

“We are still investigating that right now we are trying to clean everything up so we can get some measurements and stuff so it’s still under investigation,” said Henderson.

The clean-up is more difficult than most because one ton of onions are on the road and once that is cleaned up, crews have to mop up the diesel fuel spill and repair the damage to the road.

FHP said charges are pending against McClain.

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Some pigs in China are enjoying a comfortable living after being moved into their own bespoke villas. Why? To produce better tasting pork.

Government advisers decided on the drastic action after concluding that happier pigs would also mean they were healthier and of better quality too.

Weiji, Suining, has since been dubbed China’s first pig village.

The 600 pigs are also given toys to play with and allowed to roam in the woods every day from 8am to 5pm, seven days a week.

Despite initial scepticism over the decision to move the pigs from their industrial pens to the £800 luxury villas, agricultural officer Hu Juchun believes it has now been justified.

‘A good environment will leave pigs in a good mood and keep them healthy, and its therefore logical that the pork will be better,’ he said.

‘As well as better pork we are getting income from tourists who come to see the pig village, and in any case pigs are clever animals – it is not kind to keep them in a small pen all their lives.’

Hu added that there were now plans to open up a further 2,500 more villas across the 2,000 hectares of woodland available.

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A British man who discovered an entire dishcloth inside a Farm Foods pie has given a crusty reception to the company’s offer of compensation.

Leigh Sylvester had eaten a quarter of the minced beef and onion pie before he discovered the mangled blue and white surprise.

“It was revolting,” said his wife Vicky. “It has put the whole family off meat pies for life.”

She bought the offending item in a pack of four from the freezer cabinet at Farm Foods in Wolverton. But when she complained the company sent her a voucher for just £20 – to spend at Farm Foods.

“I don’t think I’ll be using it. I certainly won’t be buying more pies,” she said.

Vicky had cooked all four pies and served them up with chips and beans for dinner for Leigh and their two sons.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes when Leigh suddenly found the dishcloth inside his. I know he likes something to wash his dinner down, but this was crazy.

“And the worst thing of all is that we don’t know what the cloth had been used for before it got inside the pie. We dread to think where it had been.”

A spokesman for Farm Foods this week confirmed the Sylvester’s complaint had been received.

“We have passed the details onto FreshPack, who manufacture the pies,” she said. Asked whether the £20 voucher was fair compensation she said: “I cannot comment on that.”

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Levi Cole from Oregon teaches a class on how to raise and butcher rabbits. He said that 23 rabbits were stolen from his property.

Cole, who is a farmer and instructor for the Portland Meat Collective said the rabbits were taken from his property on Saturday, the day before a planned class on raising, slaughtering and food preparation of rabbits.

Cole said the that thieves left nine nursing baby rabbits behind and the young rabbits died on Sunday as he was unable to find a foster animal.

He says he believes that the incident was a politically-motivated theft.

Camas Davis, the owner of the Portland Meat Collective, said that the theft was a first for the group.

“We get an occasional comment on the Web site, some people who are angry at our existence,” she told the newspaper.

“Something like that is not about a dialogue at all; it’s the opposite,” she said. “I don’t want involvement with the Portland Meat Collective to mean your animals are in danger of being stolen.”

Cole said police are investigating the theft.

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