The masked male drew cheers from the crowd after he interrupted the fourth quarter of an Seminole High School football game after running naked onto the field.

Donning a mask of comic book superhero Spider-Man to hide his face, the intruder ran amok after avoiding security to gain access to the field at Seminole High School in Florida.

However he appeared more Batman than Spider-Man, as he clambered over two wire fences before jumping into a waiting getaway car, with a flailing steward taking a comic tumble in the process.

The well-planned routine was captured on camera and later uploaded onto video-sharing website YouTube where it has racked up over 60,000 hits in three days.

One amused user wrote: ‘This is better than every Prison Break season ever aired’

While another added: ‘Clean ass getaway’

Police are attempting to identify the masked man, while local station WSTP-TV has asked locals ‘Do you know these cheeks?’


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A range of perfumes and colognes has been launched by a strip club which aims to recreate the scents of commonly-used excuses given by men who are trying to explain to their other halves where they have been all evening.

The Alibi range can mask the smell of a heavy night with aromas linked to more wholesome activities.

For example, My Car Broke Down is said to recreate the scent of fuel, burnt rubber, grease and steel, while I Was Working Late packs the odour of coffee, wool suits, cigarettes and ink.

The three fragrances, which cost £24 a bottle, were launched by South African lap dancing club Mavericks, which said it never expected the idea to take off.

But it has been inundated with orders from countries in the Far East and Europe – including Britain.

‘Men seem desperate to get their hands on this stuff,’ said the Cape Town club’s boss Shane Harrison.

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Shoppers in Australia are being asked to don a protective mask to try on clothes by retailers sick of stock getting stained by heavy lipstick and makeup.

MaxMara, Country Road and Max & Co have already taken up the product, with large department stores having had discussions about rolling out the “Face-It” scarves in their changing rooms.

Face-It inventor Nicole Jureidini said her product is made from the same material as surgeon theatre caps and stocked in more than 200 stores nationally.

Ms Jureidini said the idea came from her mother, who used to wear a scarf to try on clothes, and made the product from a material similar to the protective head rests used in her job as a dental hygienist.

“In my mind it’s a bit like dental floss,” she said. “When it first came out nobody knew about it or wanted to use it and now everyone wants to know more.”

High-end Sydney fashion boutique Library Woman has started using the masks and manager Jackie D’Sylva said they were saving hundreds of dollars each month in forced discounting and dry-cleaning bills.

“Women don’t understand that when they do have makeup and lipstick on that it is a big hazard to the clothing,” Ms D’Sylva said.

“Particularly because all our shirts are white. They’ll try ten shirts on but they only need to use one scarf, so it’s worthwhile because it saves us dry-cleaning 10 products. I think they should be mandatory in all stores.”

The Sydney store manager said the product had been well received by her customers with some even wanting to purchase the product to wear while getting dressed at home.

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The Dell office in Round Rock, Texas must surely be in line for having the worst product-promotion of all time.

Police received calls from scared employees at the Dell building saying that a masked man, clad in black, was waiving guns around and ushering people into the lobby.

The police immediately sent in the SWAT team as it appeared that a hostage situation was developing.

When they arrived they met up with a guy who said that he was ‘management’ who refused point blank to assist the cops or even to point out where the masked man was located.

Eventually they found Bryan A. Chester, 48, wearing black clothes and a skull mask, and wielding “small metallic items.” No guns were found on him.

According to police, Chester was “apologetic and co-operative“ as he explained “that the actions were part of an internal product-promotion that was kept secret from nearly all employees, but did not involve any weapons or threats of any kind.”

Acording to the plan, he wass meant to get everyone into the lobby where Dell would be announcing a new product.

Daniel Rawson, 36, the manager was charged with the misdemeanour interfering with public duties and Chster was charged with the misdemeanour, deadly conduct.

This is one product-promotion that those Dell workers will never forget!

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Stephen Taylor, 54, was driving along in his car. He just happened to have a bin Laden on the seat next to him.

He pulled up next to a car of teenagers and thought it would be funny to put on the mask to make the teens laugh.

The police were called (it is not known who called them) and they stopped the motorist. The police threatened to seize the man’s car if they catch him driving with the mask again.

“I was totally shocked,” Taylor told the newspaper after the incident. “I think the police have gone over the top and people who may dress up this Christmas need to be warned.”

I would hazard a guess that the cops stopped him not so much because it was a bin Laden mask, but rather that a mask would probably impair his driving!

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