Once upon a time, there was a happy couple who met each other in a MacDonald’s in Hong Kong. The happy couple decided that they wanted to get married.. at the place they first met – in a MacDonald’s.

The word spread and soon MacDonald’s was swamped with requests for marriage ceremonies in their restaurants. The result: McWeddings which will appear in Hong Kong for a test period at three major McDonald’s branches in January 2011.

A usual Hong Kong wedding costs between HK$ 10 000 and HK$ 20 000, but MacDonald’s is going to charge a mere HK$ 1000 (US$ 129). This includes a personalized menu, decorations, Macdonald’s themes gifts, an apple pie wedding cake topped off with a lone fry (in place of the cherry).

Privacy is not an option as stores will remain open for other customers during the ceremony.

It is being marketed as an ultra-cheap, fun way of getting married, similar to weddings in Las Vegas. If successful, it will be rolled out to more restaurants around Hong Kong.

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