A couple from east Devon have erected a sign saying “Slow – Heaven is full!” in a country lane in a bid to get drivers to slow down.

The sign on Wooton Lane was put up by George and Mary Truell on the road which is used as a shortcut between new homes in Exmouth and a road to Exeter.

Highways bosses say the sign is illegal and the lane’s speed limit is 60mph.

The Truells said they were refusing to remove it because it was on their land and they wanted to prevent accidents.

The sign, paid for by the Truells’ son, was put up after they said they had had difficulty crossing the road because of speeding traffic.

Mary Truell said: “We know we live on a lane, and we accept the idea it has a lot of traffic on it. But speed is completely unnecessary and there could be bad accidents.”

George Truell, 86, who served as a soldier for 40 years, added that the sign was on his land and it was “staying for the moment”.

Devon County Council, which manages roads in the area, said it had “received various complaints regarding this signage”.

It added: “Our plans indicate that it is on public highway, and therefore we have asked for it to be removed. However, as we have received correspondence that it is on private land, we are currently trying to establish [land] ownership.”

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An airline executive says that a pilot on a cargo run discovered a snake loose in his light plane. He then turned back to his north Australian base.

Pilot Braden Blennerhassett saw the snake’s head pop out from under the dashboard of his twin-engine Beechcraft Baron G58 shortly after takeoff from Darwin airport on Tuesday.

Air Frontier director Geoff Hunt said that his employee was a “cool character” who told air traffic control: “I’m going to have to return to Darwin. I’ve got a snake on board the plane.”

The reptile started moving around the cockpit and at one point it slithered down his leg before escaping back under the console.

A snake handler spotted the snake but was later unable to find it. It is speculated that it might have escaped after the plane landed.

The snake’s description seems to point to it being a Golden Tree Snake.

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A Hong Kong woman was killed on Wednesday morning after another woman committing suicide by jumping from a building landed on top of her.

The woman was walking along the street in the city’s Chai Wan district at 10am when another woman threw herself from a high-rise apartment block above her.

The woman who jumped was certified dead at the scene while the other woman, understood to be a foreign domestic helper, was seriously injured and died later in hospital, a police spokeswoman said.

The identities of the two women were not immediately available.

Jumping from high buildings is the most common method of suicide in high-rise Hong Kong, where an average of around three people a day take their own lives.

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