Florida alligator wrangler Bob Barrett thinks that that mixing alligators and 8-year-olds is a party. Critics argue that it is bad parenting.

For just $175, Barrett will bring a gator directly to a home.

Tampa-area parents looking for something more than a clown or pizza for their children’s birthday parties now need look no further than Barrett’s Alligator Attraction, which will bring an alligator straight to their backyard pool to swim with the children.

“It just took off like wildfire, Barrett said. “Everybody loves having the gator pool parties.”

Barrett runs The Alligator Attraction of Madeira Beach, Fla., where visitors can pay to hold and feed rescued baby gators.

He says the inspiration for his party idea came when business was sluggish in the summer and he saw other options that were available for children’s parties.

“If you’re 9, 10 or 11 years old, you’ve already had the ‘jumparoo’ house, the bounce house, you’ve had the pizza party, you’ve had the clown party,”

Barrett said. “You get to have a pool party with a gator. It’s a very popular party.”

This is all safe, said Barrett, who tapes the baby gators’ mouths shut before the party. He says that because the muscles they use to open their mouths are weak, there is virtually no risk of children being bitten.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has determined that Barrett isn’t doing anything illegal, but added in a statement, “We will say that this is not something that we encourage.”

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Patrick Sloan from England has a brand new son. And a new grandson. And a new great-grandson. And the three babies arrived in the space of just three months.

First, Patrick, 60, became a dad for the fourth time – 28 years after the birth of his third child. His second wife Joanne, 39, had little Ethan on March 14.

Then, in June, Patrick’s grand-daughter Fern, 18, presented him with his first great-grandchild, Mason.

And 12 days after Fern gave birth, it was her mum Odette’s turn to head for the delivery room. She too produced a healthy baby boy, Leonard.

So Ethan is Mason’s great-uncle, Fern has a new uncle as well as a new son, and Odette is celebrating the arrival of a son, a grandson and a half-brother who is 35 years younger than she is.

Ethan also has two big half-brothers, Aaron, 33, and Dean, 32. And he’s uncle to Odette’s sons, Joel, 10, and baby Leonard, Aaron’s 11-month-old daughter Alissa, and Dean’s kids Joshua, nine, and Alivia, eight.

It’s all a bit confusing, but nursing manager Patrick wouldn’t change a thing about it. He went into hospital to have his vasectomy reversed so he could become a father again with Joanne.

He said: “All three boys are fantastic. I’m sure there are people who think my situation is very odd. I agree it’s not that conventional but I wouldn’t swap it for the world. Ethan has given me a new lease of life and is my pride and joy. And to have a new grandson and my first great-grandchild at the same time is the icing on the cake.”

The baby bonanza has also been good for Joanne, Odette and Fern. They’ve been swapping tips and helping each other out with their youngsters.

Odette said: “It was strange knowing I was pregnant at the same time as my daughter and my mother-in-law. But at least I knew I could help Fern and be there for her whenever she needed me.”

Patrick, of Doncaster, Yorkshire, will be retiring around the time Ethan starts school. He admits he worries that people will criticise him for becoming a dad again at his age.

But he said: “Generally, everyone has been really pleased and excited. It was a bit of a shock to the system at first, but Ethan is a little treasure and makes me smile every single day.”

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A group of youngsters in a shelter for homeless children in New Delhi have a few lessons for the world’s international bankers. They have invented a financial system of their own to save for a brighter future.

­In a shelter for homeless runaway teens in New Delhi, a tiny, self-starting democracy has sprung up.

The residents have created an unlikely society where everything from healthcare to banking has been initiated, implemented and executed by the kids themselves.

“There are children who have a job and they deposit their money in our bank and even the children who go to school save their money,” explained bank manager Satish Kumar.

Satish Kumar’s peers elected him to be bank manager of this branch of the children’s development ‘khazana’ (Indian for ‘treasure’) that serves around 9,000 street children across South Asia and has 77 branches in the region.

Many of the runaway teens now have a place to safely keep their money, save for the future and take out development or welfare advances to invest in starting businesses or buying books for school.

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An Indian “laughter therapist” said he wants to set a world record by having 25,000 school kids to laugh in unison in the same place.

Kamlesh Masalawala, who described himself as a full-time “laughter therapist,” said he has taught the merits of laughing to more than 700,000 people and he now wants to use his skills to break the record of 10,000 people laughing together in the Netherlands.

Masalawala said he wants to gather 25,000 of his students in Surat to laugh together and break the Guinness World Record.

The laughter teacher said several local schools have agreed to participate in his attempt, which he is hoping to schedule before the Diwali festival begins in mid-October.

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A group of Canadian junior high school students have alleged an adult tricked two of them into chewing on moose droppings while on a school canoe trip.

Lord Selkirk School Division trustees are hearing the accusations by Grade 8 students from Grand Marais in a closed-door meeting.

The allegations stem from a May 25 trip involving about two dozen students from Walter Whyte School, accompanied by teachers and other adult chaperones.

Some of the children say the adult convinced two kids by telling them the moose poop was a nutritious mixture of wild berries and grass.

Angie Jonski said her nephew was one of the victims. “They all laughed — he ran to the river to wash his mouth out,” Jonski said.

Her niece later turned down the droppings, Jonski said, but her niece’s friend accepted.

“She was told ‘it’s nutritious, it’s berries and grass.’ She was chewing it, and it got stuck in her braces.”

Jonski said some parents have not allowed their children to go back to school since the canoe trip.

Lord Selkirk superintendent Scott Kwasnitza confirmed he has been conducting an investigation, but would not discuss any details.

“We’re trying to deal with it internally,” he said. Jonski said the school is dismissing the incident as a poorly considered joke, and no one was supposed to reach the point of putting the material in his or her mouth.

“If it was a joke gone bad, why would you offer it to a second kid?” she asked.

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Canada’s federal science museum has removed an animated video showing youth masturbating from an upcoming sex exhibit following a public outcry, a museum spokesman said on Wednesday.

The Canada Science and Technology Museum will open the “Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition” on Thursday as planned despite strong criticism from Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore, who has called it an insult to taxpayers.

But the facility has decided to remove the video and raise to 16 from 12 years the minimum age for unaccompanied children to tour the exhibit designed to answer questions youth have about sexuality.

“The museum has received a higher than expected amount of expressions of concerns from the public,” spokesman Yves St-Onge said.

“We take the feedback of our community seriously, and so we have carefully considered their suggestions, and taken appropriate action that we believe will best serve our audiences.”

The show includes life-sized, full-frontal nude photos of males and females at various stages of life, and Canada’s Sun newspapers have described a “climax room” showing animations of aroused genitals with a voice of a man describing an orgasm.

In the exhibit, clinical sexologist Jamy Ryan discusses anal sex: “If you’re comfortable with trying that activity, go ahead and do it. It could be fun for you. But if you’re not, you don’t really have to do it. It’s not an obligation.”

Moore spokesman James Maunder said it was clear the exhibit fell outside the museum’s mandate of fostering scientific and technological literacy.

“This content cannot be defended, and is insulting to taxpayers,” he said.

Responding to criticism, St-Onge said: “The exhibition is designed to present information in a scientific, frank and accessible manner, an approach that the Canada Science and Technology Museum supports.”

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