Today’s Weird Crime Links October 8, 2012

On October 8, 2012, in Weird Crime Digest, by CrimeWatch

The latest from the world of Weird Crime

  • A temporary pause
    Hi everyone Weird Crime will not be updating stories for the next few weeks while we move to a new office. This is only temporary and we will start up again as soon as we have internet services again. Please feel free to post any weird stories you find on our Facebook page in the [...]
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Today’s Weird Crime Links September 28, 2012

On September 28, 2012, in Weird Crime Digest, by CrimeWatch

The latest from the world of Weird Crime

  • Drunk man goes to sleep in Norway, wakes up in Sweden
    An drunk Norwegian man, napping in the back of his car, was shocked to find himself dumped in Gothenburg, Sweden, by two female car thieves some hours later. The man, who had had a few drinks too many on a night out in Oslo, decided to have a nap in the back of his car. [...]
  • For Sale: One former county prison
    Ebensburg Borough Council, a municipality in Pennsylvania is seeking a buyer or tenant for a unique property – their former county prison. The council said the back portion of the facility, which is newer than the front, is being used to house county records, but the front portion, which was the original Cambria County Prison, [...]
  • Woman assaults restaurant manager over cold mashed potatoes
    Police in Florida said they are searching for a woman who allegedly attacked a restaurant manager during an argument about cold mashed potatoes. The woman dined Sept. 14 at Cody’s Roadhouse in Manatee County, Fla., with a man and two young girls. The woman complained to the manager about her mashed potatoes being cold and [...]
  • Police not fooled by cross-dressing bank robber (video)
    Police in Ceres, California, have identified a man they say donned a black mini skirt and tights to rob a bank. An officer recognized the cross-dressing criminal, and say Leonard Brown Jr. is on the run. He went to great lengths, officers say, dressing in drag from head to toe. He donned a black wig [...]
  • Disgruntled woman smeared dog poop over neighbor’s front door and car
    A woman from Natick, Massachusetts, who had been in the midst of a day-long dispute with her neighbor, spread dog poop all over the woman’s front door and car. 39-year-old Lisa Hanson was arrested after the incident according to a police report filed in Framingham District Court. Police went to the address for a report [...]
  • Four-year-old boy stole keys before crashing family car
    The mother of a four-year-old boy from southern Sweden was stunned to learn that the toddler had stolen the keys to her car while she slept before crashing the vehicle into a pick-up truck. While his mother slept soundly on Tuesday morning in their home in Gärsnäs, southern Sweden, the child carried out his daring [...]
  • 908 Nigerian female pilgrims held in Saudi Arabia under law that prohibits women under 45 travelling without close male relative
    Saudi Arabian authorities have held more than 900 Nigerian women on the annual Hajj pilgrimage under a law that prohibits women under 45 to travel without a first-degree male relative. Nigeria’s National Hajj Commission has reported that 908 female pilgrims were held at King Abdulaziz Airport in the Saudi city of Jeddah. The commission also [...]
  • Man tried to eat pit bill alive
    Stunned witnesses In Pembroke, Ontario, say that the man who viciously attacked a dog on a downtown street early Wednesday was trying to eat the animal alive. Police confirmed that a young man has been apprehended, as details about the bizarre case began emerging some 24 hours after rumours of the heinous incident shocked the [...]
  • Homeless woman takes a shower in man’s house (video)
    A Sacramento man came home Tuesday morning to find a stranger at his front door, fresh from a shower in his house. “She had my son’s robe on and I assume nothing else, but I didn’t check to see,” Randy Kizer said. She made herself right at home. “She used this towel right here, and [...]
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Today’s Weird Crime Links September 27, 2012

On September 27, 2012, in Weird Crime Digest, by CrimeWatch

The latest from the world of Weird Crime

  • Man arrested for washing cursing girlfriend’s mouth out with detergent
    When his girlfriend ignored his demands to stop cursing, a Florida man got angry and allegedly washed her mouth out with soap. 26-year-old John Vincent Caruso was arrested following a confrontation with Stephanie Madewell, 20, in the home they share with their two children. Madewell told Pasco County Sheriff’s Office deputies that she had been [...]
  • Man paid friend to serve his prison sentence
    A 37-year-old Swedish man from Gothenburg managed to avoid prison by paying a friend to do his prison sentence while he disappeared off abroad. “This kind of scam would be impossible for us to expose,” said Elisabeth Lager, legal expert as the Swedish Prison and Probation Service (Kriminalvården) to news agency TT. The 37-year-old was [...]
  • Man with stockings over head caught performing sex act on himself is now losing his sight
    A 35-year-old man who was wearing stockings over his head and committing a sex act in public when spotted by police, said he was “excited” after a disco the previous night. Rafal Ciesielski was arrested after CID officers at Spalding Police Station in Lincolnshire spotted him in a car park at about 1pm on Sunday, [...]
  • Speeding mother had three children and dog in boot of car
    This couple will never win any parent-of-the-year award! A woman and her boyfriend are facing a host of felony charges after troopers found the duo speeding down a Washington State highway with three young children and a dog in the trunk of their car. A trooper first noticed the car on Sunday just before 11 [...]
  • Tiger killed by poachers inside Indian zoo
    An endangered tigress was killed and hacked into pieces in her enclosure by poachers at Itanagar zoo in India’s north-eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh . The poachers broke in and killed the six-year-old tigress between 8 pm and 10 pm on Monday night taking advantage of the absence of the three guards on duty. The [...]
  • Cocaine-addicted millionaire with collapsed nose is jailed over drugs and guns
    A Scottish property tycoon who snorted so much cocaine that his nose collapsed has been jailed for possessing the drug and a hoard of illegal guns. Police stopped Jamie Brown in his £120,000 Bentley Continental convertible and found high-purity cocaine stashed in the car’s air vents and collapsible roof. A search of the exclusive Hurst [...]
  • Short South Korean man arrested for stealing high-heeled shoes
    A South Korean man, upset by women whose footwear made them taller than him, has been arrested for stealing high-heeled shoes and dumping them in local parks, police said on Wednesday. The 24-year-old, identified only by his surname Lee, had stolen dozens of pairs of high heels from schools, restaurants and homes in his neighbourhood [...]
  • Man stopped on suspicion of DUI claimed the squirrel in his shirt was eating him (video)
    Police in Florida call this one for the stranger than fiction file: A driver stopped on Saturday night on suspicion of driving under the influence claimed the squirrel in his shirt was eating him. According to an arrest report, Warren Michael III produced the squirrel to show the deputy. The report says Michael also had [...]
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Today’s Weird Crime Links September 26, 2012

On September 26, 2012, in Weird Crime Digest, by CrimeWatch

The latest from the world of Weird Crime

  • Man hijacks car to rush pregnant girlfriend to hospital
    31-year-old Robert Boudreaux from Deltona, Florida, was arrested after being accused of commandeering a car and forcing its driver out so he could rush his pregnant girlfriend to the hospital. Boudreaux was arrested in the hospital parking lot Sunday after a saga that began when his girlfriend’s car ran out of gas and the couple [...]
  • Man in fatal traffic accident reportedly stealing stop signs just before his death
    Could this be a case of Karma at work? Police say a young driver from Norwalk, Ohio, who died in a traffic accident may have been stealing stop signs shortly before his death. 19-year-old Tyller Myers was killed after he ran a stop sign in his Ford F-150 pickup truck and was struck by a [...]
  • Woman charged with stick-figure threat
    A Idaho woman who was about to be released from prison will stay a while longer behind bars, because federal prosecutors say she mailed a threatening stick figure drawing to a relative. Linda Joyce Lakes was serving time at the Pocatello Women’s Correctional Center on probation violations stemming from a 2007 grand theft sentence, and [...]
  • Man took alpaca along as he visited police station
    Residents and shoppers in the Australian suburb of Norwood near Adelaide, witnessed an unusual sight as a man took an alpaca for a walk to the local police station. The man walked the alpaca on a long lead and entered the police station at about 3pm. yesterday. He initially tried to enter the station with [...]
  • Mother’s artistic photo of daughter in bath led to police visit
    Busybody do-gooders seem to be alive and well in New Zealand these days. When Danu Sefton showed someone a photo she had taken of her 7-year-old daughter Madeleine in a bathtub, she hardly expected to get a knock on the door from police. The image also struck a chord in the photography industry, with the [...]
  • Man tried sneaking into Spain disguised as car seat (pic)
    An illegal immigrant came up with a cunning plan to try to get into Spain. He decided to sit inside a car seat under a passenger sitting on top of him. People smugglers took the foam out of the passenger seat before helping the 20-year-old Guinean get inside its shell. Two Moroccans then tried to [...]
  • Wife shot husband to protect family cat
    A woman in Texas made one thing very clear on Tuesday morning – don’t mess with her cats. 42-year-old Audrey Deen Miller shot her husband in the stomach after he threatened to shoot one of her beloved pets, according to deputy constables. Miller was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Deputies said Miller [...]
  • Police constable launched investigation into suspicious light source which was later found to be the moon
    A police constable has risked embarrassment after launching an investigation into a “suspicious light source” which was later found to be the moon. The constable was on duty late one evening last month when he spotted a “shining light” glowing over Clent Hills, a range of scenic peaks which rise up more than 1,000ft in [...]
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Today’s Weird Crime Links September 25, 2012

On September 25, 2012, in Weird Crime Digest, by CrimeWatch

The latest from the world of Weird Crime

  • Nepalese man shot wife dead after mistaking her for monkey
    A husband accidentally shot his wife dead when he mistook her for a monkey at Rukumkot VDC-1, Ranikot. Basanti Pun died when her husband Bed Prakash Pun opened fire after mistaking her for a monkey, an Area Police Officer said. Bed Prakash shot dead her wife while she was on the way to a nearby [...]
  • Masked crime fighter armed with wooden sword wanted to strike fear into criminals
    A comic book-loving vigilante in Wales wanted to strike fear into criminals to avenge a street attack on him. Unlike his US counterparts, he got arrested for having ‘an offensive weapon’. Tanis Baker, 21, dressed in black body armour, masked his face with a balaclava and armed himself with a wooden sword and smoke bombs [...]
  • Would-be burglar finds body in trunk, calls police (video)
    A would-be burglar was looking for items to steal from a car when he made a gruesome discovery. The man opened up the trunk of that car and found a body inside. He made the discovery after finding the car running but parked along Normandy near the East Freeway. The motive in this case has [...]
  • Man wearing sequined mini dress arrested after fake bomb incident
    Police found no bombs at the home of an East Millcreek, Utah, man who had set up a network of wires and fake explosives in his yard before engaging officers in an armed standoff on Sunday. David Charles Baker, 47, was arrested at about 6:30 p.m. after SWAT officers used a tactical vehicle to break [...]
  • Canadian police implicated in international cheese smuggling operation
    Niagara Regional Police officers have been visiting pizzerias in the peninsula recently asking one important question: where did you get your cheese? It’s part of a larger internal investigation into cheese smuggling, allegedly by some members of their own force. Police sources say that charges are expected soon against a few officers who are alleged [...]
  • Motorist arrested after cop spots her shooting heroin while driving
    An 25-year-old Ohio woman was arrested on Friday for DWI – driving while injecting herself! A Dayton Police Department officer was driving when he pulled up next to a vehicle being driven by Abby Elsner. He noticed that Elsner, who had her arms in the air, was sticking herself with a needle. While doing this, [...]
  • Man assaulted with hammer by woman in French maid’s costume
    31-year-old April Dawn Peters from Cosby, Tennessee, was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after she allegedly hit a man on his head at least five times with a hammer that she was having sex with, Sgt. Steve Johnson reported. 51-year-old William L. Wofford said that he and Peters were in the living room of [...]
  • 13yo girl faces drink driving charges
    A 13-year-old Australian girl is expected to be charged with drink driving in central Queensland. Police say she was picked up driving erratically on the Old Bruce Highway at Calliope with three others in the car late on Friday night. She allegedly returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.071. The Child Protection Unit is investigating. [...]
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Today’s Weird Crime Links September 24, 2012

On September 24, 2012, in Weird Crime Digest, by CrimeWatch

The latest from the world of Weird Crime

  • Woman reports theft of green mushroom growing in her front lawn
    An Athens, Georgia, woman reported that 15 pots and a green mushroom were stolen from her yard and garage according to an Athens-Clarke County Police report. The woman told police that some of her pots and a salmon steamer were missing from her carport. She told police that she had been saving the pots for [...]
  • Police officer fatally shot wheelchair-bound one-armed, one-legged man ‘armed’ with a pen
    A schizophrenic double amputee waving a pen from his wheelchair was fatally shot early on Saturday by a Houston, Texas, police officer, authorities said. Police were called to the personal care home at around 2 a.m. because resident Brian Claunch had become agitated after his caretaker refused to give him a soda and a cigarette, [...]
  • Deputies find attempted burglar asleep on floor
    Sheriff’s deputies in Oregon who were responding to a burglary call, say that they found a 20-year-old man asleep on the kitchen floor of the home. The Washington County sheriff’s office says that the homeowner discovered the sleeping stranger early Friday. Deputies arrived to find Cristian Villarreal-Castillo, who had in his pockets small electronic devices [...]
  • Brothers arrested for video game brawl
    Two brothers from Wisconsin were arrested after a game of “Madden NFL” turned into a physical altercation, police said. Michael Mayweather, 21, and Abrey Mayweather, 19, were playing a game of “Madden NFL” Monday in Abrey’s Racine apartment when Michael became upset about losing and his brother’s name calling. Residents of the apartment building Abrey [...]
  • Man faces jail sentence for having sex with abandoned sofa
    A 46-year-old Waukesha man is facing charges after an off-duty police officer jogging through the Pebble Valley neighbourhood found the man having sex with an abandoned sofa, according to a criminal complaint. Gerard P. Streator was charged in Waukesha County Circuit Court, Wisconsin, on Thursday with one count of lewd and lascivious behaviour. If convicted, [...]
  • Oil-soaked underpants-clad burglars escaped with gold and cash
    Three burglars, clad in just underpants and their bodies soaked in oil, escaped with 80 sovereigns of gold worth about 19 lakh (£22,000, $35,000) and 2 lakh (£2,300, $3,750) in cash from a house in Ponneri, about 55km from Chennai, India, on Monday night after assaulting the owner. Police said the burglars broke the iron [...]
  • Iranian cleric hospitalised by ‘badly veiled’ woman
    An Iranian cleric said he was beaten by a woman in the northern province of Semnan after giving her a warning for being “badly covered.” Hojatoleslam Ali Beheshti said he encountered the woman in the street while on his way to the mosque in the town of Shahmirzad, and asked her to cover herself up, [...]
  • Man faked brain injury to get caregiver to change his soiled underwear
    A New Hampshire, man with a record for faking a brain injury so unsuspecting in-home nurses would change his underwear has been arrested again for attempting a similar ruse. Eric Carrier, 24, was charged by Hampton police on a single felony count of attempt to commit indecent exposure. Carrier’s latest arrest comes roughly a year [...]
  • Ketchup caused fear and alarm
    A man in Scotland has appeared before Perth Sheriff court accused of causing fear and alarm by spraying tomato sauce. Jamie Green, 29, is alleged to have shouted and sworn and sprayed tomato sauce over kitchen worktops at an address in Perth on the 20th of August. He also faces three other charges, two of [...]
  • New York inmates sue over lack of dental floss
    Eleven inmates in a suburban New York jail have sued their prison for $500m (£300m) and access to dental floss, saying they are losing their teeth. In a civil rights lawsuit filed on 10 September, the inmates say they are suffering cavities and pain because they are unable to floss. Deputy Correction Commissioner Justin Pruyne [...]
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