Stories like this can only come out of Japan!

An underwear firm has unveiled an ice bra, which aims to keep women cool this summer.

The “Super Cool Bra” features built-in ice packs and aims to produce a cooling feeling for all of the senses, its manufacturer Triumph Japan said.

Each cup contains special gel packs that remain soft and supple when frozen but give wearers a “super cool feeling.”

The boned side of the bra conveniently holds a mini fan, and each cup is designed to resemble a small fish tank, which manufacturers say makes the bra “visually cool.”

The bra is finished off with decorative mint leaves and wind chimes, which dangle between the breasts and aim to “produce coolness in the senses of smell and hearing,” Triumph said.

Models wearing tiny “cooling” skirts made of mosquito nets and bamboo blinds showed off the new bra at a launch event.

The company said it developed the bra in a bid to reduce energy consumption during hot Japanese summers, in line with the government’s “Super Cool Biz” campaign.

With no working nuclear reactors following the Fukushima disaster in 2011, the campaign urges Japanese workers to wear cool clothes for work rather than relying on air conditioning, in a bid to save power.

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Children in a Japanese town have been banned from a local stream after three piranhas were recently caught in another river nearby.

Administrators in Atsugi, Kanagawa prefecture, said that two of the meat-eating fish were pulled Saturday from the Zenmyo River and a third was caught Monday.

The officials said each of the fish was about 4 inches long.

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A motorbike which was thought to be long lost to the Japanese tsunami last year, was found washed up on the coast of British Columbia earlier this month.

Ikuo Yokoyama, the lucky owner in Japan, will be getting the bike back – and in running condition.

Harley-Davidson says that it will help fix the bike and also ship it back to Japan.

The bike has been traced back to Yokoyama through the licence plate number, which was still readable. Yokoyama lost three family members during last year’s natural disaster.

On April 18, Peter Mark of Masset, B.C., found the bike on Graham Island, 800 km north of Vancouver.

Mark said that he was riding his ATV, exploring an isolated beach on the island, when he found a large white cube, like a piece a moving truck, just below the high tide mark. The motorcycle was inside.

Steve Drane, a Victoria, B.C. Harley-Davidson dealer, has since volunteered to send it home to be repaired.

“We are going to have it shipped back to Japan where (Harley-Davidson) of Japan is going to restore it and return it to its owner,” the Steve Drane Harley-Davidson Facebook page says.

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Yes, it is that time of year again when people turn out in their thousands for the Japan All-National Hole Digging Competition.

This year, over a thousand participants gathered on the outskirts of Tokyo with shovels and ladders in hand to dig their way to victory and claim the coveted Golden Shovel.

The annual contest, now in its 12th year, drew 259 teams from around the country at the weekend to test their hole-digging prowess and claim awards for the deepest hole, the most creative hole and the most original costume worn during the digging.

When the contest ended, 30 minutes later, the winning team had dug 3.39 meters deep, winning the Golden Shovel and 100,000 yen ($1,300).

“The whole team did their best and I really feel that we became closer as a result of this,” said Tomoyuki Tsumita, a construction worker.

The event, held at a campground, began as a way of attracting visitors during the off-season. Once the contest is over, staff refill the holes to turn it back into a campground and level the site for next year’s contest.

Scenes from the 2011 competition:
YouTube Preview Image

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Psychic predictions for 2012

On January 6, 2012, in Prophecies & Visions, by Weird

This comes courtesy of the Strange News Daily Blog.

The people over at SND Blog have collected a group of psychic predictions made by some of the most well-known psychics/mediums. Some have a poor track record, but some are startlingly correct!

So if you want to know what the future holds, pop over to their website and see what these psychics have to say:

Craig Hamilton-Parker

Psychic Nikki

Blair Robertson

The Psychic Twins

LaMont ‘Monte’ Hamilton

Vicki Monroe

Sidney Friedman

and their new in-house psychic: Psychic James.

I have finally got around to compiling the list of predictions for 2012.

Of course the primary concern is the end of the Mayan Calendar in 2012 which many people believe could spell the end of the world.

Most of the psychics say that the world will not end in 2012, and will just continue as before. For the many theories surrounding the 2012 Mayan prophecy, your best bet is 2012 Reviews which reports on all the theories and predictions.

So let’s kick the whole article off with the most successful psychic of 2011, Blair Robertson, who correctly predicted the Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

He also predicted the two devastating New Zealand earthquakes, the terrible plane crash that claimed the life of Polish president Lech Kaczynski, World Cup events, accurately predicting the Oscars, and more.

If you want to find out about the various predictions regarding the end of the Mayan Calendar and the 2012 Mayan prophecies, the absolute best resource is 2012 Reviews. They cover a vast number of theories and opinions on the 2012 date.

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A Michelin two-star restaurant in Tokyo is facing a criminal investigation after a customer was admitted to hospital having been served the toxic liver of a puffer fish.

Fugu, or puffer fish, is a Japanese delicacy which can only be processed by specially licensed and trained chefs.

By law, chefs must cut out toxic parts including the liver and skin.

But Fugu Fukuji, a restaurant in Tokyo’s upmarket Ginza district, last month served one customer puffer fish liver.

The 35-year-old woman had to be taken to hospital after complaining of a headache and numbness in her lips.

The chef is now facing a possible jail sentence for knowingly serving up the toxic dish.

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