A mother was arrested in front of her young children and had to spend the night in jail because she had not returned a Twilight book and DVD.

Lori Teel was arrested and handcuffed at her Portales, New Mexico home in front of her five small children on June 12.

She had borrowed $36 worth of library materials not returned since 2010.

Police had arrived at Mrs Teel’s home after receiving a call that her husband, Jimmy Teel, had assaulted someone, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

It was while they were at the couple’s house that Portales police realised there was a warrant out for Mrs Teel’s arrest for the missing young adult fiction and movie.

Her attorney, Eric Dixon, says arrest warrants were mailed last year to an address at which Mrs Teel hadn’t lived since childhood.

However, the mother of five was arrested all the same in front of her children, aged one through ten, and spent the night in the Roosevelt County Detention Centre.

She said: ‘My kids are still very emotional. They had to stay with a complete stranger.’ She was released the next day on a $610 bond.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon DVD and Stephanie Meyer’s novel Twilight both had a due date of October 5, 2010, but Mrs Teel said she couldn’t remember checking them out.

However, library records show that both items were checked out in her name.

A judge had placed a warrant for her arrest after she failed to show up in court, but records show that the court summons were sent to her childhood address.

Now the mother is suing the city.

Mr Dixon wrote in the tort claim: ‘Ms Teel and her small children have been traumatised, humiliated, embarrassed, subject to ridicule, and otherwise suffered pain and suffering and other damages as a result of this wrongful arrest.’

The Albuquerque Journal reported that charges against Mrs Teel were dropped earlier this week.

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Inmate No. 11593-051, Keith Judd, came a respectable second place against President Obama in the West Virginia Democratic primary on Tuesday night.

Judd is currently serving a 210-month sentence for extortion at the Federal Correctional Institution in Texarkana, Texas.

He not only managed to get on the West Virginia primary ballot, but he also managed to win nearly 70,000 votes which translates to 41 percent of the vote in the Democratic presidential primary.

Mr. Obama won with a mere 59 percent.

The Republican National Committee pounced on the news, spamming reporters with the headline, “Obama Loses Large Share Of Vote In West Virginia To A Felon Doing Time In Texas” in an email Wednesday morning.

Judd secured a spot on the ballot by paying a $2,500 fee and filing the appropriate paperwork.

In West Virginia, a candidate qualifies for at least one delegate at the Democratic National Convention if he or she wins at least 15 percent of the vote.

However, Judd may not be able to cause Mr. Obama any hassle at the convention, since no one has filed to be a delegate for him, the state Democratic party told the AP. Party officials are still looking into it, they said.

Judd distributed a position paper to West Virginia media, stating his opposition to Mr. Obama’s health care overhaul on the grounds that it violates the 10th Amendment. He also reportedly asserts that the 10th Amendment gives incarcerated felons the right to vote.

While Judd may seem like an unlikely opponent for the president, it’s no secret Mr. Obama is unpopular in the state. Mr. Obama lost West Virginia’s 2008 Democratic primary contest to Hillary Clinton and lost the general election vote to John McCain by 13 points.

Even the state’s Democratic senator, Joe Manchin, has said he’s not sure he’ll vote for Mr. Obama.

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A Tennessee mother is facing contempt-of-court charges and possible jail time for baptizing her two children without the knowledge or consent of her ex-husband.

The Tennessee Court of Appeals said that Lauren Jarrell of Shelby County must face a criminal contempt hearing for violating a court order that said major decisions regarding the religious upbringing of her two children should be made jointly with her-ex-husband.

The mother and her ex-husband, Blake Jarrell, are both Christian — he’s a Methodist and she’s a Presbyterian.

Court records say that the father thought that the children should be baptized once they are older.

He has asked that his ex-wife be found in criminal contempt for baptizing the children without his knowledge or permission.

If convicted, she could face 20 days in jail and a $100 fine.

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Afghan President Hamid Karzai pardoned a woman serving a 12-year prison sentence for having sex out of wedlock after she was raped by a relative.

You read that correctly – jailed for being raped…

Karzai’s office said in a statement that the woman and her attacker have agreed to marry. That would reverse an earlier decision by the 19-year-old woman, who had previously refused a judge’s offer of freedom if she agreed to marry the rapist.

Her plight was highlighted in a documentary that the European Union blocked because it feared the women featured in the film would be in danger if it were shown.

More than 5,000 people recently signed a petition urging Karzai to release the woman. She had the man’s child while in prison and raised her daughter behind bars, which is common among women imprisoned in Afghanistan.

A statement released by Karzai’s office says that after hearing from judicial officials, the decision was made to forgive the rest of the sentence she received for having sex out of wedlock, a crime in Afghanistan. The presidential statement did not say when the woman was to be released or how much prison time had been pardoned.

The woman told The Associated Press in an interview last month that she had hoped that attention generated by the EU film might help her get released. With the film blocked, she said that she was losing hope and considering marrying her rapist as a way out. She said her attacker was pressuring her to stop giving interviews.

About half of the 300 to 400 women jailed in Afghanistan are imprisoned for so-called “moral crimes” such as sex outside marriage, or running away from their husbands, according to reports by the United Nations and research organizations. Fleeing husbands isn’t considered a crime in Afghanistan.

The EU welcomed the woman’s release.

“Her case has served to highlight the plight of Afghan women, who 10 years after the overthrow of the Taliban regime often continue to suffer in unimaginable conditions, deprived of even the most basic human rights,” the European Union’s Ambassador and Special Representative to Afghanistan, Vygaudas Usackas, said.

He said the EU hoped the same mercy would be extended to other women serving similar terms. Usackas said he planned to raise the issue of Afghan women’s rights at an international conference on Afghanistan Dec. 5 in Bonn, Germany.

Some of the most severe restrictions women faced under the Taliban, like a ban on attending schools and having to have a male escort to venture outside the home, were done away with when the radical Islamic movement was driven from power in 2001. But Afghanistan remains a deeply conservative and male-dominated society, meaning women are still sold to husbands and rights enshrined in law are often ignored in practice.

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A 19-year-old California man took his grandmother to see his incarcerated father. On their way back afterwards, they found a drunken man in the vehicle.

Sacramento police said the man and his grandmother visited the Sacramento County Jail Tuesday and left the van unlocked while they were inside.

The pair stopped to eat on the way home and once they were out of the vehicle the man revealed he had seen someone in the back of the vehicle.
He had not said anything while driving to keep his grandmother from panicking.

He called police who arrived on the scene shortly after.

Police found Steve Bosick, 54, drunk and asleep in the back of the vehicle.

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The gloves have come off in Newton, Iowa if you are an evil book borrower that doesn’t return in time!

Christopher Anspach, 28, was sentenced Wednesday to 10 days in jail for failing to return books and other items he checked out earlier this year from the local library.

When Anspach did not respond to repeated attempts to contact him via telephone and certified mail, Newton Public Library officials turned the matter over to police and the city attorney, according to District Court records.

Anspach pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor theft count in connection with his failure to return 27 separate items (books and other media) that library brass valued at $770.67.

Along with being ordered to pay restitution to the library, Anspach was fined $625.

Anspach, a Pizza Hut employee, is currently serving his sentence at the Jasper County jail.

So next time you check out those books, make sure to return them on time! No excuses!

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