Organizers of Tony Robbins’ motivational events said that they are working with Fire officials to improve safety after 21 people were hurt while walking over hot coals.

“We have been safely providing this experience for more than three decades. We continue to work with local fire and emergency personnel to ensure this event is always done in the safest way possible,” Robbins said in a statement released by his office.

San Jose firefighters treated participants for second- and third-degree burns after they walked across hot coals that were more than 1,000 degrees. Officials said the participants were recovering and that none of the injuries were life-threatening.

The event was held last Thursday.

Witness Jonathan Correll, 25, described cries of pain when the participants were burned. “I heard wails of pain, screams of agony,” he told the San Jose Mercury News.

One participant told the paper that her feet felt fine right after the walk but that blisters began to form a few minutes later.

She told the paper that she and others soaked their feet in a nearby fountain.

Fire officials said the event had emergency medical personnel on hand and that Robbins’ organization had received a proper permit for it.

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Firefighters in England have been called to help rescue an injured pigeon from a tree in Hethersett, Norfolk.

The RSPCA contacted Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service to request assistance after the injured bird was discovered trapped in a tree just before 9.10am yesterday.

A spokesman said an officer went and made an assessment and it was decided an aerial ladder platform was needed.

He added the ALP came over from Great Yarmouth at road speed and under instruction to remain available for any other priority incidents the whole time.

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A city of Yuma Utilities Department employee remains under intensive care after being seriously injured while responding to an emergency water leak earlier this week.

City officials confirmed that William “Billy” Mason, a water distribution technician, was injured early on Tuesday morning while working with a crew that was repairing an emergency water leak in the Del Oro Estates subdivision.

A 16-foot saguaro from a nearby property struck and pinned the 40-year-old Mason while he was working, resulting in multiple injuries.

After being freed, Mason was transported to Yuma Regional Medical Center, where he remains in intensive care.

According to his mother-in-law, Caroline Ashley, the falling cactus broke Mason’s back and leg and injured his arm.

He also suffered internal injuries and was running a fever.

So far, 146 cactus spines had been pulled out of him but more remained. However, the full extent of his injuries are still unknown.

Ashley said the medical team treating Mason includes a pulmonologist, trauma orthopedic surgeon, regular orthopedic doctor, spinal specialist, general surgeon, infectious control doctor and hospitalist.

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A red panda that had escaped its Dresden zoo enclosure fell 10 metres from a tree after firefighters sprayed it with water in an attempt to get it to climb down. The animal survived the fall, but likely has a concussion.

After having escaped his enclosure on Thursday morning, the little animal scurried high up into a tree.

Unable to retrieve it themselves, zoo officials called in the fire department, which then trained their hoses on the panda in an effort to encourage it to climb down.

Instead, the panda fell – some 10 metres (33 feet) onto a grassy patch below.

“He seems to be doing well today,” the park’s head of zoology, Wolfgang Ludwig, said.

“But he almost definitely has some injuries; some cuts and scrapes and probably a concussion as well.”

Ludwig said that the fire department had hoped to set up padding for the creature to fall upon, but he dropped out of the tree before they could pinpoint his precise location.

Prior to turning on their hoses, they had attempted to extend a fire truck ladder up into the treetop.

Still, the hose technique was not a product of desperation. Ludwig said that red panda escapes are not uncommon, calling them “real escape artists.”

Often, he says, if you spray them with water they will climb down a bit before dropping to the ground of their own accord. Not this time. The red panda is recuperating from its fall inside a small hutch.

“He is still terrified,” Ludwig said. “We are just going to wait until he comes out on his own terms.”

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Police in said an Indiana man has suffered a minor head injury when he lost control of his motorized bar stool and crashed.

Middlebury police said James Kleckner, 53, was riding a bar stool with a small engine attached Wednesday when he lost control of the homemade vehicle and crashed.

Kleckner suffered a minor head injury and a few scrapes.

Police said Kleckner told them he had consumed alcohol earlier in the day, but he was found not to have been intoxicated at the time of the crash.

He was not cited.

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A red-faced Austrian grave-digger had to be rescued by firefighters after he stood back to admire his handiwork – and fell down the six-foot deep hole he had just dug.

55-year-old Stefan Faerber from Deutschlandsberg managed to dial 999 from the bottom of the grave, despite having injuring his back and fracturing his skull.

“He said he had just stepped back to look at the sides when the ground disappeared underneath him and he fell straight into the hole. He was in a lot of pain and couldn’t climb out,” said one firefighter.

A police spokesman confirmed: “It was his last job of the day so he’s lucky he had his phone with him to call for help – or he might have spent a very uncomfortable night next to some of his previous customers.”

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