The owner of a Web site specializing in crop circles says he has no idea who carved out his Web address in a German wheat field.

Andreas Muller this week denied any role in the apparent vandalism, which the farmer near Gottingen said could cost him 1,500 euros ($1,841) in lost production.

“I fully distance myself from this act, which can be described as nothing short of vandalism,” Muller said in a statement on his site.

The said that Muller theorized the act was carried out by individuals who were angry at his recent debunking of certain crop circles, which were the work of earthling pranksters rather than visiting aliens.

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Back to the Future hoax hits… again

On June 29, 2012, in Hoax & Fake, by Weird

Social networking sites were rife with Back to the Future yesterday as a picture circulated of the dashboard of the DeLorean, which implied the date that Marty McFly and Doc go forward in time was June 27 2012.

But the actual date chosen by Doc (Christopher Lloyd) in the 1985 sci-fi film was October 21 2015.

The REAL DeLorean dashboard:

The still from the film had been photoshopped and posted on a Facebook page on Wednesday morning where it was shared thousands of times before spreading through the twittersphere.

This is not the first time the Back to the Future hoax has been seen online.

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Practical jokers buried a treasure chest on a popular beach under the cover of darkness – then ‘discovered’ and dug it up the next day.

The pranksters staged the stunt on LA’s busy Venice Beach and posted a video of beach goers’ reaction to their ‘find’ on YouTube.

They used metal-detectors to supposedly find the old chest, which they had filled with gold foil-covered chocolate coins, reports the Standard-Examiner.

They then dug it up with spades, as a growing crowd gathered around them, before finally opening the chest to reveal the ‘treasure’.

Joker Johnny Burdock said one of his friends came up with the idea. They bought a chest for $100, piled it on top of Burdock’s car, then drove it to LA.

They buried it in the early hours of Sunday morning and then returned later that day when the beach was packed with visitors.

YouTube Preview Image

“By the time we hit the treasure with the shovel – thump! – there was a pretty big crowd. The people gathered around start screaming with excitement,” he said.

“We had maybe 100 to 150 people surrounding us, and we pry one of the ends of the chest lid open and we act like we’re trying as hard as we can.

“Me and my friends flip the lid open all at once, quickly, and everyone sees shining, shimmering gold coins, and everyone goes crazy, and some of them start jumping in to try to steal the coins.”


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Romney may have made the biggest mistake of his campaign, when he threw away the vote of those who are open-mindedly interested in or fans of Sasquatch and Bigfoot.

Doesn’t Romney’s advance people know that Finding Bigfoot is Animal Planet’s #1-rated program? Did Romney not realize that his statement at a recent South Carolina debate might cost him vast sections of the popular vote in this Saturday’s primary?

What was he thinking?

YouTube Preview Image

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich were arguing back and forth about whose SuperPAC ads were misrepresenting the other guy the most.

Romney said in the midst of the argument, “You have a SuperPAC that attacks me, with probably the biggest hoax since Bigfoot.”

More outrage on Cryptomundo

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Remember the story last week about the sex school?

Well, Ylva-Maria Thompson, an artist hired to head up the Austrian International School of Sex, has now said that the announcement of “the world’s first international sex school” was a publicity stunt.

Thompson, a Swede announced as head of the organization in November, said the “sex school,” which was to open in mid-December with “hands-on” lovemaking lessons, was a hoax masterminded by The Bird, an Austrian advocacy group.

Thompson said The Bird aimed to draw attention to the country’s low birth rate.

“I wasn’t surprised it got so much attention. Sex still sells,” Thompson said.

She said the group will not function as a school, but will be a trade organization for sex coaches.

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A revolt was started on campus over the rumor that Smith College was going entirely vegetarian, and that it would only buy food from local growers.

There were protests and counter-protests last week at the prestigious women’s college in Northampton, slogans pro and con written on walkways, and personal criticism of the manager of dining services.

At the end of the day it was found that the entire rumour was a hoax which was cooked up by two professors as part of their introductory class in logic.

Professors Garfield and Henle try to liven things up by inventing a rumor just this side of believable, then assigning their 100 students to convince the campus that it’s real by whatever means the students think will be most effective – fliers, Facebook campaigns, word-of-mouth etc.

“It wasn’t even drug-assisted,’’ Garfield said of the day the two hit on the idea. “We’re just brilliant and slightly weird.’’

Professor Jay Garfield tells The Boston Globe that the prank was a way to liven up a dry topic. He and professor Jim Henle have started false rumors in the past.

Smith President Carol Christ played her part, showing up in class on Monday to announce that Garfield and Henle had been fired. That too was a hoax.

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