A ginger man is selling his mane of hair – all 36 inches of it.

Timothy Price cut off the natural red locks he had been cultivating for 10 years.

He has put the hair on sale for £600.

Timothy, 29, said: “It would make a lovely wig.”

The PhD student, from Aberdeen, has always refused to get his hair cut and last visited a barber in January 2002.

His wife of four years Joy had never seen her husband without his thick mane of wavy hair.

Dad-of-two Timothy said: “I started growing my hair in university, which is pretty normal, and then I got used to it and I enjoyed the change of hairstyle. My wife hadn’t seen me without long hair so she was nervous to see what I’d look like when I got it cut. I have had great use of my hair so I am sure it could be of great use to someone else rather than me now.”

Timothy said maintaining his hair only took up a small part of his day.

He said: “I normally spent just 20 minutes getting all the tangles out of it and I would brush it and then I would let it dry naturally.”

He has now advertised his hair on internet sales site Gumtree.

The advert describes it as: “Very beautiful and shiny, with a rare, rich color (sic) of vibrant red. Seller has not dyed his hair, no heat treatments, no curling irons, straighteners, blow dryers, etc. Seller has not used any chemical treatments of any kind. Hair is washed 2-3 times per week. Seller maintains a healthy diet and life-style and does not smoke or use any drugs.”

The bundle of hair – which is a few inches wide and weighs about 3.5oz – was cut in April at a hairdresser’s in Aberdeen. Timothy said he decided on the change because he is going from being a student in theology to a lecturer.

He said: “I thought I would smarten up for any job interviews I may have. I wasn’t nervous when I got it cut, I was just ready for a change.”

But Timothy admitted he could still be tempted to grow his hair long again one day.

He added: “Maybe one day I would be tempted to grow it back because I did enjoy having such long hair.”

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Executive registrar of Mudra Institute of Communication and Advertising KGK Pillai, 61, has recently started getting younger.

This all happened after he got a fresh lease of life when a 21-year-old youth’s liver was implanted in him in 2008.

The liver of the young man, who died in an accident, has miraculously reversed ageing. Pillai’s hair have turned from grey to black, his wrinkles are gone and he is no longer dependent on diabetes drugs.

Four years after the transplant in Chennai, 61-year-old Pillai says, “I don’t just look young, I feel like reborn as a young man.”

He is happy his complexion has also improved thanks Dr Anand Khakhar — a transplant surgeon in Chennai who belongs to Rajkot — for the transformation.

“I used to take medicine for diabetes for 12 years. After the transplant, I am off drugs as my sugar levels are mysteriously under control,” says Pillai, who takes morning walks every day.

Doctors say that the blackening of hair and renewed energy experienced by Pillai can be attributed to availability of nutrition to the body as liver functions have normalized.


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Hot shaggy donkeys get a haircut

On May 28, 2012, in Animals & Nature, by Weird

A collection of rare hairy donkeys have been given a long-awaited haircut because of the hot, sunny weather currently in the UK.

Seven Baudet du Poitou donkeys were recently brought to Norley Farm, near Lymington, Hampshire, from France.

Owner Annie Pollock has started to cut up to 17 years of hair growth to stop the animals becoming irritated and overly hot.

She said: “It’s not very nice being sweaty when you are this hairy.”

Ms Pollock has kept Baudet du Poitou donkeys, which can grow up to 1.6m high at her New Forest farm for eight years. There are believed to currently be about 75 of the animals in the UK, and only 950 in the world.

She now has a total of 25 and says she is aiming to bring the breed “back from the brink of extinction”.

The seven latest additions to the herd arrived from France in April. They had been moved from the Haras Nationale, the French Horse and Riding Institute, after changes to its funding meant they could no longer be kept.

While the animals are used to hot summers in France, the French tradition has been not to trim their coats. This allows long knotted dreadlocks to form, which can reach ground level.

For centuries the dreadlocks have been seen as a sign of strength for breeding working mules.

Ms Pollock and a team of volunteers are now trimming the retired donkeys by hand.

“Personally, I just think they are a bit more comfortable trimmed. They don’t tend to stand out in the sun – I don’t think they really like the really hot temperatures.”

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A girl nicknamed Rapunzel has cut her hair for the first time to give her family the fairytale home they’ve always dreamed of.

Natasha Moraes de Andrade, 12, wept as her 5ft 2in locks were trimmed for the first time.

Natasha, who lives in a shanty town in Rio de Janeiro, previously slept in a tiny, windowless room.

But her family plan to use the £3000 she earned from selling her thick, chestnut mane to build a new house – with a room for her that will be fit for a princess.

The Brazilian girl used to spend four hours a week washing her hair and an hour-and-a-half brushing it every day.

But now she has had it cut into a simple bob, washing it only takes five minutes.


Natasha said: “I cried at first when I was at the hairdresser’s to get it cut. I was afraid I wouldn’t like it, and I was also scared I might not get the money I wanted for it. Getting it cut has given me a new life. I used to be afraid every time I went out that someone would grab my hair or try to cut it off, but now I can do a lot of things which I couldn’t do before.

“I’m having cycling lessons and I’ve been able to go to the beach and swim without being afraid of getting my hair wet.”

Her mother Catarina said: “I never put her under pressure to get it cut but she was like a prisoner and wanted to do the things other girls her age do.”

The family are also finally able to switch on the fan in their house without fear that Natasha’s locks will get caught in it.


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A frail British pensioner wearing a knitted beret was ordered out of a pub in Sheffield for flouting its ‘no hat’ policy to keep out football hooligans.

Great-grandmother Hilda Nelson lost her hair while fighting for life in hospital and wears the hat to cover her head.

She had been taken out by her family to celebrate her 89th birthday when staff at The Park Hotel in Hillsborough asked her to remove it.

Hilda said at first she thought they were joking – until the pub manager told the whole party to leave if the OAP refused.

The group included her 83-year-old partner Peter Fisher and Eric Ramsden, 74, who uses crutches after a hip operation.

“The pub doesn’t like football fans wearing hats, but we hardly look like hooligans,” Hilda said. “I couldn’t believe it at first – in fact I laughed when they asked me to remove my hat the first time because I thought they were joking.”

Hilda said she lost her hair after weeks spent in hospital last year.

“I wear the hat when I go out because of the terrible condition my hair is in – lying in a hospital bed all day made it all break off,” she said.

“I am waiting for my hair to grow back and I have to cover it up when I leave the house. But what if I had lost my hair through cancer? Would they still have made me take my hat off? I just think the way they treated us is so silly.”

Her family have demanded an apology from the pub, and said staff should use their discretion when enforcing the ‘no hat’ policy.

A spokesman for the pub, owned by the Mitchells and Butlers chain, said: “We’d like to offer our sincere apologies to Mrs Nelson and her family for the way in which this situation was handled, and for the embarrassment it caused. We do ask customers to remove headwear in the pub. However our staff should have used their discretion on this occasion.”

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A 64-year-old woman’s family was forced to call the emergency services after her hair got accidentally trapped in a neck massager in southern China.

The 64-year old woman, who suffers from a condition known as cervical spine bone hyperplasia, was using the massager to relieve neck pain when her hair became entangled.

The woman’s family called the local fire station for help after they tried but failed to cut her hair free.

The emergency serves eventually freed the woman after wrestled with the massager for two hours with screwdrivers to dismantle the machine. Apart from swelling on her scalp, the woman was not injured by the experience.

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