A small pig has been called a hero when it dives into a petting zoo pond to save a drowning baby goat.

At the beginning of the tape, the indifferent cameraman simply says, “goat in the water,” and then continues to film while the animal struggles to stay above water.

That’s when the brave pig dashes into the water, heading straight for the baby goat and nudging it toward the shore.

The two animals climb back onto the shore and go about their business.

The video then cuts to the pig, back to its normal routine, with the cameraman declaring, “And there he is, the hero pig.”

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A woman’s pet goat has rolled her way into the record books. Happie the goat won a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Farthest Distance Skateboarding by a Goat.”

Melody Cooke from Florida realized that her goat had a special talent early on.

“She figured out how to get on and then I was just like, ‘Whoa, this is amazing,’” said Cooke. “My goat can skateboard, let me see how far I can go with this.”

It turns out she could go 118 feet with it.

The record skate lasted 25 seconds, and ended when the skateboard hit a parking block.

The whole time, Happie was waiting for her prize – food.

Cooke believes Happie could’ve gone even farther into the record books if the parking block wasn’t there.

“I definitely think she could’ve, but I just wanted to capture that moment and send it to Guinness World Records, because I wasn’t sure if they were even going to do it,” said Cooke.

But they did.

Six months later they sent her a spiffy certificate in the mail, with Happie’s name as a world record holder.

Cooke says there are other reasons why she pulled out the video camera.

“Especially with all of the tragic things that have been occurring recently, I just felt it was nice to show something fun and inspiring,” said Cooke.

Inspiring enough, she adds, to tackle new challenges and tricks.

“I plan on making more fun and creative videos and see how far we can go with this,” said Cooke.

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In an attempt to remove a curse from the Chicago Cubs, a group of hikers are walking with a small billy goat named Wrigley.

They said that they have already walked 1,300 miles to Chicago.

The five “Crack the Curse” walkers, who set off in February from Mesa, Ariz., said that they are raising money for cancer research while attempting to break the “curse” put on the team in 1945, when the owner of the Billy Goat Tavern and his pet goat were asked to leave Wrigley Field during the team’s final World Series appearance due to the animal’s odor.

“Great responses from everybody. I mean, we were in St. Louis, and we got a great response there, people in St. Louis were great — even though they’re Cardinals fans, everybody’s been really great to us,” said Blake Ferrell, one of the walkers.

The group said they have raised more than $6,000 for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Wash.

UPDATE: When these five fans stepped out onto the field today, having completed the trek, it was without Wrigley, who was kept out of the Stadium by Cubs officials. An attempt to save the organization from re-making the curse — after all, it was a goat being in the stadium that started this whole thing in the first place…

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A motorist felt a little foolish when he had to call Austrian police to report his car had been hijacked – by a goat.

Gunther Hauser was forced to brake as he drove trough the countryside in Radkersburg, Austria, after coming face to face with an escaped goat on a remote road.

As 45-year-old Hauser tried to chase the goat away, it doubled back and jumped into the car.

Despite the pleadings of Hauser, the goat refused to budge and it began eating his car seats.

He eventually walked to a local farm but was then chased off as a suspected burglar.

At his wits end, he finally called the police. They rounded up local farmhands to remove the ram and take him back to his nearby enclosure.

“I had to take a picture of the goat because my insurance company would never have believed me,” he said later.

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Dramatic scenes unfolded on a small island off the south coast of Norway on Saturday evening when Jesus the billy goat got gruff with a mother and her child.

After Jesus chased a family up a tree and got pepper-sprayed by the police, a Norwegian farmer now feels he has little option but to chuck the offending goat on the barbecue.

The terrified holidaymakers sought shelter in a tree while the father of the family called the police.

Arriving on the island in the Søgne region, officers quickly found that the horny 80-kilo creature was in no mood to be grilled by the law.

“It charged straight at a constable, leading to what can only be described as a fight between the two. It was really angry,” police officer Børge Steinsland told.

When Jesus refused to relent, the officers had little choice but to whip out the weapon nearest at hand, Steinsland said.

“They were quite simply forced to use pepper spray to drive the wild animal away.”

The animal’s owner, Tor Brede Launes, conceded that the attacks on police and civilians spelled the end for the five-year old goat.

“Clearly he can’t behave like this. He’ll probably be replaced by Midsummer,” he said, adding that Jesus was destined for the barbecue.

“Goat’s meat is delicious,” he told.

But if he wants to eat Jesus, he’s going to have to find him first; the goat went underground after the police’s island raid at Fugløya.

Tor Brede Launes first tried whistling, before attempting to lure the goat with grain. Then he took his boat out to scan the periphery of the island, but the beast with the biblical name remains at large.

“It does feel a bit unusual to take the boat around the islands calling out for Jesus,” he said.

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Most goats enjoy living in the country, but one goat prefers the company of people over a trip to the farm.

Cyrus Fakroddin’s goat Cocoa enjoys trips into New York City.

‘Cocoa doesn’t even know she is a goat and you see that in her, but she loves hanging out with people,’ Fakroddin said.

‘Like with us, she’s got all this stuff to eat, but what she really wants to do is sit here, hang out with us. She doesn’t want to go graze or anything. Any other goat would be, I’m out of here and they’re there, but not her.

‘She doesn’t like goats. She doesn’t like farms. She likes the people in the city. Strange goat, but I like her.’

Cocoa, like many other celebrities in the Big Apple, draws a crowd of fans wherever she goes.

‘My mom…she passed away just recently and one thing that she said was, you know, if you can put a smile on somebody’s face, even a smile is charity, so I think of her all the time when I take her out cause she causes that. She gives that to people. It’s great,’ Fakroddin says.

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