A man in Australia has suffered serious injuries after putting a firework between his buttocks.

He burnt his backside, back and genitals.

Senior Sergeant Garry Smith said: “It probably seemed like a good idea at the time.” The man was flown to the burns unit in Adelaide.

The stunt backfired at a party in Rossiter St, Rapid Creek, Darwin, just before midnight on Saturday. Snr Sgt Smith said people could be fined $282 for letting off fireworks.

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A paraplegic man’s leg was blown off as he sat in his wheelchair setting off explosives on the Fourth of July.

The man, 21, of Hazel Park was one of many people setting off fireworks and other explosives in the 500 block of East Hayes at about 10 p.m.

“I believe he had been lighting fireworks on his lap then setting them down on the ground before they went off,” said Hazel Park Police Chief Martin Barner.

“He lit one device that then slipped between his legs and went off.”

The force of the explosion severed the man’s left leg just below the knee and blew it about 50 feet across the street where it hit a neighbour’s house.

Barner said there were many beverage bottles at the scene but it is unclear whether alcohol was a factor in the accidental dismemberment.

“There was debris everywhere, including flesh and bone,” he said.

Police and paramedics were called to the scene to find the man fading in and out of consciousness from loss of blood. Across the street, officers found the man’s left foot with several inches of leg bone still attached.

“That was recovered and sent along with the man to an area hospital,” Barner said.

The man was in stable condition on Thursday at an undisclosed hospital, but has permanently lost the lower part of his left leg, Barner added.

Police said they are still investigating details of the explosion and are unsure what kind of fireworks or explosives the Hazel Park man was using.

“We recovered just a piece of the firework and it looks as though it was a long tube, like a quarter stick of dynamite,” Barner said.

“It was probably not legal to begin with.”

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A man is in critical condition after surgeons in a Minnesota hospital removed an unexploded firework from his chest.

31-year-old Nick Beheng was launching fireworks from a hand-held mortar tube Saturday when one of two misfired, according to Anoka County Sheriff’s Detective Mike Lapham.

“He lit the tube. One propelled into the air. The other went directly into his chest,” Lapham said.

Beheng was rushed to St. Paul’s Regions Hospital, where surgeons summoned the police bomb squad.

Police Sgt. Paul Paulos says the bomb squad stood by in the waiting room as the explosive was removed, then took it to a bunker at their training facility in Rosemount.

Paulos says the firework is about the size of an empty paper towel tube and is capable of shooting several hundred feet in the air. The mortar fireworks are illegal in Minnesota, Lapham said.

“People that aren’t trained to use them, use them and bad things can happen. It should be left to professionals,” he said.

Beheng was in critical condition Wednesday, according to Regions Hospital spokeswoman Annelise Searle.

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A mouse was rescued by Dutch police after two 20-year-old men allegedly strapped it to some fireworks. Sadly it died on Friday of burn wounds to its stomach and paws.

The rodent, named Astromuis (Astro Mouse) by the Dutch media, is now due to go on display at a museum.

The Natuurmuseum in Friesland said the mouse will be stuffed and put on display.

The two men are facing animal cruelty charges, police said.

“The story behind the mouse can help schoolchildren and other people learn respect for nature and everything that grows and thrives,” said Christiaan Walen, the museum’s taxidermist.

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Officials believe that Saturday night fireworks in Beebe, Ark. weren’t so innocent.

They were probably set off to intentionally to target the blackbirds that fell dead from the sky in the city for the second New Year’s Eve in a row.

Police received their first call about dead birds at 7:14 p.m., not long after fireworks were set off near a residential neighbourhood in Beebe, police Chief Wayne Ballew said.

Officers went to the area to ask residents to stop setting off more fireworks, and for the most part, “everybody co-operated with us.”

But at midnight, fireworks went off where the blackbirds roost near a residential area in the community, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission spokeswoman Ginny Porter said.

“We believe the fireworks that went off at midnight were intentional,” Porter said Monday.

So far, about 200 dead blackbirds have been found. That number could increase if Beebe residents find more dead birds in their yards, Porter said.

Last year at this time, officials were working to understand what caused the deaths of 5,000 blackbirds.

An investigation determined that celebratory fireworks were the culprit.

Blackbirds don’t see well at night, “so if a large noise startles them, they just start flying into things,” Porter said. The birds die of blunt-force trauma from the impact.

Wildlife officials were aware of the potential of fireworks spooking the blackbirds again this year and had a wildlife officer on alert patrolling the area near where the blackbirds roost, Porter said.

Police will not be investigating who set off the fireworks at midnight, because setting off fireworks is not against any law or city ordinance, Ballew said.

Ballew said he plans to ask city council to consider a city bylaw that would prohibit setting off fireworks in the areas where the birds roost.

A significant number of migrating blackbirds roost in Beebe, located 56 km northwest of Little Rock, Ark.

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Melbourne’s Arts Centre spire caught fire in a dramatic conclusion to the city’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display.

The fire appeared to be caused by a firework that failed to discharge properly during the spectacular show, which was witnessed by more than half a million people.

The area around the Arts Centre was evacuated immediately following the end of the of the fireworks.

Thirty minutes into the New Year the flames covered two sides of the Arts Centre peak in St Kilda Rd as fire trucks tried to navigate their way through hundreds of thousands of revellers.

A Metropolitan Fire Brigade spokesman said: “We have got four appliances heading there but we can’t get through because there are thousands of people there.”

Large piece of flaming debris fell at about 12.32am, causing smoke to rise from a lower level of the spire. Police struggled to hold back hundreds of people, many of whom had parked their cars at the Arts Centre.

And Flinders St Station was thrown into mayhem as a small army of police escorted a fire truck through the crowd of tens of thousands at Swanston St. It took more than ten minutes for the truck to break through and reach the Arts Centre.

Small flames were still visible on the lower level of the spire at 12.50am as the police air wing circled the towering fire and flaming chunks continued to fall from the building.

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