The owner of a damaged 500-pound marble statue of the Hindu man-elephant god Ganesh said that it was never meant to be dumped in a museum parking lot west of Toronto.

The ornate carved white statue was found in the parking lot of the Oakville Museum, and museum officials called police.

The figure has an elephant’s head and a man’s body with two extra arms.

Halton Regional Police officers couldn’t move the statue, so regional workers were called in with a hoist to transfer the statue to the police parking lot.

Police Sgt. Dave Cross told the Star Wednesday an unidentified man from neighboring Mississauga had called to say the statue was his. He said he had ordered the carving from India but couldn’t display it religiously because two arms had broken off and were missing.

The man said he had asked a friend to dispose of it and had no idea it was going to end up in a parking lot.

Cross said the man was trying to find out how to dispose of the piece properly within Hindu custom and would see to its removal himself.

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St.Patrick’s Day came early for revellers in one Irish town yesterday when passers-by found a rubbish skip full of discarded beer.

Locals on Main Street in Letterkenny, Donegal, couldn’t believe their luck when they came across the assortment of free booze.

The haul of beer contained dozens of cans and bottles of all brands of beer including Guinness, Fosters and Becks.

The booze bullion came from a nearby off-licence premises which was being renovated.

It was noticed by a passer-by who soon began to unload the haul on to the footpath.

Other passers-by began to join him in claiming the free beer. Some of the revellers used plastic bags to load their booze into before going off on their merry way.

One passer-by said: “It was so funny. Traffic came to a bit of a standstill on the Main Street as these guys unloaded the skip.

“There was one guy on top of all the other discarded rubbish who realised there was a bevvy of booze below. I don’t think they could believe their luck.”

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Massive lumps of ice found in the Ural River by local residents.

Eyewitnesses say that this is the work of aliens.

How else can you explain how the huge blocks of ice scattered aorund like children’s toys within a radius of 20 meters got there?

Also in Uralsk, rumours of a crashed object in the vicinity has residents buzzing with an explanation of the dumped ice.

Many witness’s have come forward who had seen a burning object crash not far from the ural river. A full investigation is underway.

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