Wealthy businessman Yang Lin fought dirty when a KFC branch ignored his complaint about hygiene while on business trip from Beijing to Wuhan.

Angry Yang spent 140,000 yuan, (£14,000), buying 2,000 family buckets at the branch in central China after staff did nothing when he complained about a chef preparing food without gloves or face mask.

He then began lining them up outside the shop entrance with signs warning people not to eat them because they were a health risk. But the store refused to give him any more food to him after 22 buckets.

He said he has been to many KFC’s in other countries and found them to be very strict in sanitation standards.

“I wanted to buy all their food so they couldn’t poison anyone else and I wanted to warn people what sort of food they were eating,” said 30-year-old Yang.

“I’m lucky to have made money in business so I can afford this protest. At first KFC wanted my money, but soon they were begging me to take it back,” he added.

Yang only agreed to end the bucket blockade after KFC managers in Wuhan, Hubei province, publicly apologised for their behaviour and agreed to improve staff hygiene.

“If they’d done that at the start they would have saved themselves a lot of trouble,” said Yang.

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A family in Splendora, Texas claims they have a holy vision inside their home, an image of Jesus created by mould in a bathroom. They say the image is giving them strength.

“People say your house is blessed,” said Chyanna Richards. “I see the head, the hair, a cloak.”

Richards doesn’t know if it’s mould or mildew or what, but she knows in her heart what she sees: a likeness of Jesus, it’s presence not without meaning.

“Maybe it means something. Maybe look into yourself and see if you need to change something in your life,” she said.

The mould started a couple of months ago while Thomas George, who also lives in the house, was in prison.

“He’s just watching over us to make sure nothing wrong happens or I get in trouble and go back,” George said. “It gives me inspiration just to do better,” George said.

Another woman who lives in the home has HIV. Her family says she has been doing better since they discovered that mouldy likeness of Jesus in their shower just a few months ago.

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Here is a story which should not be a story.

School officials have punished a Tampa-area teacher accused of using a water hose to clean up a pre-kindergarten student who soiled himself at school.

Stephanie Wilson, 52, was suspended for 10 days without pay after the Pinellas County school board said she went around to the side of the school building, donned a pair of gloves and used a low-pressure hose to wash the student Oct. 28.

When she finished, she put the student’s pants on and went to the classroom, where she put a clean diaper on.

According to district records, Wilson told the child’s parent she hosed the child, apologized repeatedly and said she used poor judgment.

Wilson is a 30-year veteran teacher at Dunedin Elementary School, northwest of Tampa.

If the kid had made a bad mess of himself, then I do not see any problem with using a low-pressure hose to help clean him up! I suspect that it was due to the repeated apologies of the teacher that forced this to become an issue!

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An East Boston woman attempted to smuggle in over 12 lbs. of cocaine in a bag full of dirty diapers on her flight.

When she was caught, she made the excuse that that she had no idea what was in the bag and was being used as a mule.

She told authorities that a woman approached her at the airport in Mexico and paid her $300 to bring back a piece of luggage with gifts in it. She was told a relative at the Boston airport by the name of Juan would approach her and pick up the luggage.

The 12 lbs. of coke were discovered when other passengers apparently complained of a foul smell emanating from this piece of carry-on luggage.

According to a police report, the luggage was opened by the woman, using a key and inside they found a plastic bag with 20 soiled diapers and 12 one pound bags of pure cocaine wrapped inside.

She now faces drug smuggling charges while police investigate further.

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