Bizarrely, ‘fashion-conscious’ men have been clamouring to pay a massive £185 for a designer brown paper bag.

Unfortunately for them, the accessory has sold out worldwide.

Jil Sander’s menswear autumn/winter 2012 ‘Vasari’ bag is made of ’100 per cent coated paper’ and encompasses stitched seams.

The glorified paper bag hit the catwalk in the designer’s menswear show back in January.

In an indication that people will buy anything with a designer label on it, the must-have accessory has now sold out, despite costing almost £200.

London boutique LN-CC is the only stockist of the bag, and ran out of the medium-sized model in just three weeks.

Furthermore, consumers desperate to get their hands on one of the bags can no longer purchase it from Jil Sander’s official ecommerce site either. The designer was also forced to ask for stock back from external retailers.

People of the opinion that asking £185 for a brown paper bag is a bit rich could instead opt for a leather version of the accessory, but this will set them back almost £500.

This is not the first time Jil Sander has given an everyday item a designer make-over, as her 2011 acetate shopping bag sold out in spring/summer 2011.

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A British designer has designed a line of sarcastic tote bags for London residents who are annoyed by the Olympic Games.

The bags are proving to be very popular.

Toby Leigh said he took great care not to violate any Olympic copyrights when he created the totes, which are modeled on the London 2012 logo but do not contain the word “Olympics” or any associated symbols.

This comes in the wake of extremely heavy-handed action against people who violate Olympic copyright.

“You can’t use the words London 2012 or the Olympic rings, but they can’t copyright the word London,” Leigh said. “The typeface isn’t the same typeface either.”

The bag slogans include “They’re all on steroids,” “I’m renting my flat to fat American family” and “It only took me three hours to get to work this morning.”

Leigh said sales have been so brisk the bags have temporarily sold out.

Check out their site HERE

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It is the time for ‘wannabe’ fashion designers creep up out the woodwork to make ‘fashion statements’ at the various fall fashion weeks.

One idiotic British designer, Rachel Freire, has been slammed as “sick” after her show at London Fashion Week included dresses made from yaks’ nipples.

Models wearing Freire’s creations – fashioned from 3,000 yak nipples – paraded down the catwalk at Somerset House.

The 32-year-old designer said she was excited about the two dresses and bras made up from body parts given to her by a tannery.

OPther people, including animal rights campaigners and MPs, have attacked the designers fashion interpretation. Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock said he found the bizarre items “wholly inappropriate and disturbing”.

Labour MP Kerry McCarthy blasted: “It seems to me absolutely grotesque. I think most people will find it sickening and repulsive.”

Justin Kerswell of animal rights organisaton Viva joined said: “Isn’t the way we treat farmed animals bad enough without turning their dead bodies into a runway freakshow?”

But Freire – who is preparing to exhibit at Paris Fashion Week – defended her clothes.

She said: “They really make you aware of the animal itself. I create fashion using material that would otherwise end up on the scrap heap. What I am doing is recycling. The people criticising are clearly clueless about the amount of leather wasted on a daily basis.”

Isn’t fashion meant to be about mking women look good? In this case Freire is clueless – even if this is some bizarre take on ‘art’.

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