In 2006, the son of Chongqing City Kai County Fengle Street Huangling Village resident Tian Xueming passed away from leukemia.

Tian Xueming stored his son’s body in the freezer, and 6 years have passed.

Every time he misses [his son], Tian Xueming and his wife will quietly go, with their arms around each other, stand beside the freezer, look blankly for a moment, and then leave.

Tian Xueming says his son “in the freezer looks exactly as he did when he was alive. My son is still with me, and has never left.”

15 years ago, Tian Xueming’s 15-year-old daughter passed away from heatstroke. 6 years ago, his son also departed from the living due to leukemia.

Tian Xueming and his wife experienced the pain of two funerals within a 10 year span.

Gazing at the lonely freezer placed in the corner, Tian Xueming shed tears, “this may be wrong, but the pain of two funerals, my pain, it’s something others can’t understand.”


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Boy walks to school on his hands

On September 21, 2012, in Asia, Heroes & Rescues, Home & Work, by Weird

A 10-year-old Chinese boy has been walking to and from school on his hands every day for the last four years.

Yan Yuhong, of Jiaba village in China’s Hubei Province, was left partially paralyzed by a childhood illness.

He initially crawled to get around but learnt to walk on his hands when he was just four-years-old.

Yan has to get up much earlier than his classmates – as his journey takes him an hour-and-a-half each way.

He can also get about with crutches but says he can walk much faster on his hands.

His father is also disabled, leaving his mother as the sole bread-winner, but Yan is determined to finish his schooling.

“I don’t want to quit,” he said. “I want to study hard, and support myself in the future.”

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Dog learns to tightrope walk

On September 20, 2012, in Animals & Nature, by Weird

A clever dog has been learning to tightrope walk to help firefighters deal with disasters in China.

The Alaskan Malamute walks over two 10m long wires in just 60 seconds as part of its daily training.

“Don’t be afraid. Take it slowly. Be careful with the wires,” it is told by trainers at Chongqing Municipality Fire Fighting Special Mission Base .

Underneath, 10 more dogs – which trainers hope will soon be capable of undertaking the same training programme, watch closely.

Head trainer Wang Xianting said the idea was to prepare the dogs to work in disaster areas where they could encounter all kinds of obstacles.

“Through these challenging training programmes, our dogs learn to complete rescue missions under extreme conditions,” he said.

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A religious folk festival in southern China have ordered beggars to stay in purposely built cages – or be removed from the festivities.

The organisers gave the beggars an ultimatum saying their presence ruins the experience for visitors at the temple fair in Nanchang, Jiangxi province and if they wished to beg they had to do so from inside small cages.

The zoo-like cages are so small adults are unable to stand and although they are free to leave at will, they are immediately banished from the festival area and have to leave the city if they do so.

The annual fair celebrates a religious holy day with a funfair, market and entertainment as pilgrims come to the temple from all over China.

Due to the thousands of visitors it has become a magnet for down-and-outs looking for charity from festival-goers.

‘This year we decided we would no longer accept beggars wandering everywhere, distressing our guests and spoiling it for everyone else,’ explained one organiser before adding that no one is forcing them to beg and that they have voluntarily entered the cages.

Over the last few years we have had increasing numbers of beggars turning up at the festival and it was becoming very intruding for our visitors. They were being harassed and made to feel uncomfortable.

‘We had no choice but to ban them from the grounds. We found the cages a good solution for everyone. People can still give them donations if they desire too but are not harassed and followed around the festival when they are having a day out with their families.

‘The beggars are quite comfortable in their cages, people send them food and water as gifts. In a way it is better for them there than having to find a place on the busy streets. Our guests come here to enjoy themselves and that is our top priority. The beggars can leave whenever they like but they have to leave the city too, they can’t go into the fair,’ they added.

The cages have infuriated human rights campaigners in China who have branded them a human zoo.

‘They are treating them like zoo animals. What will they have to do next – tricks for their food?‘ said one.

‘They are kept behind iron railings at the entrance to the fair, they are supplied with water and food by festival organisers but have to eat it stuck in these cages. This is nothing less than public humiliation.

‘Do they want people to believe the region has no poor people and just put on a good show? These people need help. We should not be allowing them to be locked away in cages. These people are human beings too.’


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Three thousand goldfish from 14 countries locked gills to compete in an international beauty pageant in China.

Contestants at the International Goldfish Championships, the first of its kind, were put on display in rows of bowls in Fuzhou, battling it out to win the title of the World Goldfish Queen.

“We judge goldfish mainly by five criteria: breed, body shape, swimming gesture, colour, which is very important, and overall impression,” said Ye Qichang, a member of the judge panel.

Of all the candidates, a giant fish stood out with a weight of 1.75 kilograms, which Ye Qichang confirmed was very rare.

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22-year-old man Ning Xuefa from Henan Province in China claims to survive solely by drinking 15 kilograms of water a day – without ever eating a bite of food.

Ning Xuefa alleges that he established this unusual habit as a child.

“As a student, I would always attend school with a huge bottle of water, but I wouldn’t ever touch food,” he said.

After he dropped out of school when he was 14, he moved to Shenzhen, Guangdong Province to work as a manual laborer, but his weak body and frail constitution failed him time and again.

His father backed up the story that his son only drinks water and never touches a single scrap of food, including rice or steamed bread.

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