A chef’s rice creation at a Japanese restaurant in Wichita, Kansas, offended a diner.

Natalie Cunningham of Andover was dining with her husband and their 16-year-old foreign-exchange student at the Sumo by Nambara restaurant in Wichita on Saturday night.

At Sumo, diners sit around a grill and watch chefs prepare their meals.

Cunningham said she and others at her table, which included three children, could see what the chef at the next table was preparing: He formed fried rice into a large version of a male’s sexual anatomy, then splashed drops of oil onto the grill to embellish his creation.

Cunningham was outraged, and went to talk to the manager, who told her chefs had done this in the past but had stopped because of complaints.

She said she has asked that Sumo put a stop to the practice.

“I was physically shaking, I was so shocked and upset and angry,” said Cunningham.

The restaurant said the chef was responding to a request by a bachelorette party seated at his table. Chefs often receive requests from diners who are having celebrations to make shapes out of the food in fun.

In this case, the chef went too far, said Ivy Yang, the restaurant’s owner.

The chef was reprimanded and reminded of Sumo’s code of conduct and “his responsibility to create a pleasant dining environment for every customer,” Yang said.

The reprimand included no punishment.

Yang said the chef, whom she wouldn’t identify, has been a good employee for 12 years and didn’t act with malice.

Some people are way too easily offended by triviality.

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Restaurant staff carried on serving customers after a chef collapsed and died. Andrew Ah-Wong, 43, suffered a heart attack while working at the Fannie Bay Super Pizza in Darwin, Australia.

An off-duty nurse said she was “disgusted” to see customers being shown to their tables and orders delivered while paramedics tried desperately to save the man’s life. “People stepped over us to get to the kitchen,” she said. “They continued to serve food and were stepping over the body.

“I think it’s pretty disgusting – the worst part was to see that they were still seating people.” The 23-year-old registered nurse said she was dining with her partner when they heard the thud of a body hitting the floor. “He wasn’t breathing and I was over there within 10 seconds of him hitting the deck,” she said.

She and two other customers administered CPR to the man until St John paramedics arrived 20 minutes later. Restaurant owner Fernanda Ferro said the only food that went out of the kitchen during the drama had already been ordered. Ms Ferro said the restaurant closed an hour early at 10pm.

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A Michelin two-star restaurant in Tokyo is facing a criminal investigation after a customer was admitted to hospital having been served the toxic liver of a puffer fish.

Fugu, or puffer fish, is a Japanese delicacy which can only be processed by specially licensed and trained chefs.

By law, chefs must cut out toxic parts including the liver and skin.

But Fugu Fukuji, a restaurant in Tokyo’s upmarket Ginza district, last month served one customer puffer fish liver.

The 35-year-old woman had to be taken to hospital after complaining of a headache and numbness in her lips.

The chef is now facing a possible jail sentence for knowingly serving up the toxic dish.

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