Safeway has declined to press charges against the Honolulu couple whose arrests over stolen sandwiches led state workers to take their 2-year-old daughter and sparked worldwide outrage.

Safeway told Honolulu police on Tuesday that they won’t press charges against Marcin and Nicole Leszczynski, company spokeswoman Susan Houghton told reporters.

The couple were arrested last week when Nicole, who is 30 weeks pregnant, ate a sandwich while shopping and walked out without paying.

Their daughter Zofia was taken away by state Child Welfare Services officials. She was returned to her parents 18 hours later.

Karl Schroeder, a Safeway division president, called Nicole Leszczynski on Tuesday, and, “He apologized for what she’s been through,” Houghton said.

Houghton said management followed routine shoplifting procedure by contacting police, but Safeway regrets not foreseeing that doing so would cause a child to be separated from her parents.

“We want to do the right thing here,” Houghton said. “Families are important to us.”

The incident at the store near downtown Honolulu is prompting Safeway to examine how managers and employees are trained. “In this case, it was not handled in the appropriate manner and we wanted to correct that,” Houghton said.

Nicole, 28, and Marcin, 33, forgot to pay for two sandwiches that together cost $5. They were handcuffed and searched, and later released on $50 bail each.

The family had moved to an apartment near downtown Honolulu from Monterey, Calif., two weeks ago. Still settling in, they ventured out Wednesday to stock up on groceries, took the bus, got lost, and ended up at a Safeway supermarket, Nicole said.

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A woman in Warsaw, Poland, abandoned her car after she jammed it between two walls trying to drive away from a car park.

Wiola Nowicka, 67, attempted to turn around in the car park’s narrow driveway once she noticed the high prices she would have to pay.

Nowicka’s bad sense of judgement resulted in the driveway being blocked for five hours, as her car was wedged between the driveway walls.

‘I didn’t mean to be a nuisance,’ said Nowicka. ‘After a few turns I couldn’t go backwards or forwards any more.’ Engineers were able to get the car out from the tight space, with careful inch by inch precision.

It is unknown whether she was charged for parking over the time it took to free her car…

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27-year-old Christopher Redd is facing grave consequences for his attempt to win tickets to Rock Jam.

He says he intended to enter the radio contest with a music video of himself lip syncing in a burial plot.

However, the Grand Junction Memorial Gardens burial worker received backlash for his dancing with a “guitar,” even though Redd says the grave was empty.

“There is no body in there.”

He says he was actually dancing on a burial vault. The coffin goes inside the vault, keeping the surrounding burial ground free of contamination.

After the video went viral, the family of the deceased found out, contacting the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office.

Redd was fired, and is now facing grave consequences with a pending criminal investigation. Deputies are investigating possible charges for “desecration of venerated objects,” a misdemeanor offense.

Whether or not the coffin was actually occupied will determine if Redd gets hung. However, he says his cell phone proves the cadaverous rendition was a day before the burial. “That is a time and date stamp on my phone when the video was taken. It was taken July 22, the day before the funeral service happened,” says Redd.

Whether or not charges are pressed, Redd says he’s sorry to the family he offended, for what many consider a disrespectful display. “I do apologize to the family. I didn’t mean any disrespect or anything like that from it.”

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Police officers gave baby to stranger

On December 15, 2010, in Crimes & Criminals, by Weird

Cynthia Boakye, was being questioned by police over alleged immigration offences in southeast London. While being questioned, officers were meant to look after her baby until a relative came to pick her up.

Instead, Ania Mulange left with the baby after entering the police station half an hour earlier and speaking to police officers. Mulange has absolutely no connection to Boakye at all.

18 month old baby Audrey Nyanor was missing for three days in December 2009 before being found.

Even more shocking, CCTV footage showed the officers then accusing Boakye of lying about not knowing who had taken her daughter.

The whole episode came to light when the real relatives arrived and were told that the baby was gone.

It was clear that Walworth Police Station made assumptions and failed to carry out even the most basic of checks on Mulange.

The Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) said in a statement that “the MPS regrets the mistakes that were made on that day and apologise to the family of Audrey Nyanor for the distress, worry and upset that was caused as a direct result of the police shortcomings that led to Audrey being abducted.”

Two police constables and four police sergeants are due to face misconduct proceedings for failures of duty following a hearing by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

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