Coffin-shaped pie advert slammed

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A giant billboard in England which links death with eating meat has been criticised by the National Obesity Forum (NOF).

The advert shows a coffin-shaped pie and asks the question ‘Not ready to meat your maker?’. It also recommends veganism in the fight against obesity.

Campaign group Peta said it placed the advert in Gloucester because of a new mortuary in the city for obese bodies.

Tam Fry, from the NOF, said the advert was “laughable” and an attempt to make a point out of others’ misfortune. Peta said that Gloucester had the first mortuary in Britain to accommodate bodies weighing up to 50 stone.

This has been disputed by Gloucestershire County Council which says that its new mortuary – officially opened last week – is one of many in the country that can take bodies of this size.

Mr Fry said it was “ridiculous” that Gloucester had been targeted because the city was one of the less obese areas in the country.

“We want to do all we can to lessen obesity but I do not think it appropriate at all to draw attention to it in this manner,” he added.

Yvonne Taylor, from Peta, said the billboard was designed to highlight a link between meat pies and pasties and obesity and other ailments.

“The best thing that coffin dodgers can do for their health and to help animals is to go vegan,” she said.

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An anti-animal-testing billboard has been taken down after the Australian Advertising Standards Bureau declared it “depicts violence that is unjustified”.

The billboard has been displayed in numerous sites around Tasmania over the past year.

It shows a woman’s face that has been made up to look as though she has been subjected to tests that animals endure in laboratories worldwide.

The image is part of an awareness-raising campaign by the groups Against Animal Cruelty Tasmania and Choose Cruelty Free about the horrors of animal testing.

“People think that animal testing is a thing of the past. We want everyone to know exactly what they are buying,” said CCF spokeswoman Cherie Wilson.

AACT spokesman Chris Simcox said many people would be horrified to learn that they may be buying products from companies that use these tests.

“Use of powerful images such as this one … have great impact and are justified,” he said. AACT plans to create a new billboard, to continue the cruelty message.

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A billboard is advising people that hot dogs cause “butt cancer” — and the hot dog industry is not amused.

The billboard is one of a series of ads being put up in major US cities by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, or PCRM, urging people to stop eating hot dogs, which it says are a leading cause of colon and other cancers.

The National Hot Dog & Sausage Council reacted immediately to the billboard. Calling the ad “outrageous” and “inflammatory,” the trade group dismissed the PCRM as a “pseudo-medical animal rights group” bent on turning all Americans into vegans.

Just this week, the Harvard School of Public Health published the results of a 28-year survey tracking the diet and health of 122,000 medical professionals, which indicated that eating a daily serving of red meat increased the risk of early death by 13 percent.

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The mystery of who placed a huge billboard on a Dublin highway reading that “Golf is just a passport for a dirty weekend away with the lads..Wake up girls ..a Naive Wife ” still remains.

The sign is near Dublin Airport on a very busy highway and has been seen by hundreds of thousands of commuters, many who stop and take pictures of it.

The original owners of the trailer whose name is still on it denied any knowledge of the content of the billboard saying they had sold the trailer years ago to an unspecified customer.

A spokeswoman for Howarth Brothers haulage company said they had been contacted by “every man and his dog from Ireland” to see who had placed the billboard ad but had “no idea what the story is it”.

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Seattle police received a report of a man dangling from a rope on a billboard. Luckily the culprit was actually a mannequin posed as a painter.

Police said they were dispatched Tuesday to the Belltown neighborhood on a report of an unresponsive painter dangling from a rope on a billboard, and they arrived to find the man was a mannequin posed to appear as if it was painting the bottom corner of the Lifewise Health Plan advertisement.

Lifewise spokesman Eric Earling told reporters that the company now sees how the attention-getting ploy was misinterpreted.

“LifeWise designed the ad to get attention, but it seems to have captured a bit more than we anticipated since the figure in the ad was supposed to be shown painting the lower corner of the billboard rather than slumped over. We’re working to have that corrected now,” Earling said.

“The purpose of the ad, which is part of Lifewise’s award-winning BoringlyGood ad campaign, is to let people know that no matter what risks people may take in life, they can have peace of mind knowing that they have a dependable health plan that’s there when they need it.”

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The Mansfield-based Mid Ohio Atheists says it has been contacted and congratulated by people incorrectly thinking it put up a billboard.

In fact it had been put up by Pastor Frank Moore of McElroy Road Church of Christ.

The road sign in Mansfield features the statement “There is no God” in capital letters. Below that, it says, “Don’t believe everything you hear.”

Pastor Moore said that he wanted to honor God with an ad that would get people thinking. He says he remembered how his parents always advised him not to believe everything people told him.

The Atheist group says it wanted to thank the church for, as the atheists say, “advertising our thoughts.”

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