One man with a love of bacon is traveling across the U.S. using only bacon as money in exchange for food, gas and lodging.

“I need your help. I’m driving from NY to LA with no cash and no cards — just a trailer full of Butcher Thick Cut Bacon to barter with you for food, lodging and everything else I need,” actor Josh Sankey writes on his website.

“It’s all to find out if America loves this bacon as much as money!”

Still, there’s one major caveat: actor Josh Sankey isn’t just doing this on impulse. It’s part of a coordinated effort by Oscar Meyer to promote their new line of bacon.

As part of the challenge, Sankey is required to travel across 12 U.S. cites, taking him from New York City to his final stop in Los Angeles on September 23.

And while the BBC reports on Wednesday that there could be something of a “bacon shortage” next year because of rising pork prices, Sankey will not experience such limitations.

That’s because he is traveling with no less than 3,000 pounds of bacon in his specially equipped Oscar Mayer truck.

Sankey is chronicling his voyage on his Twitter account and on the “Bacon Barter” site.

On Wednesday, he arrived in Louisville, KY where he successfully bartered some bacon for a night in a man’s basement.

His host even got himself a bacon-themed tattoo to support the cause.


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Two parents in Mattoon, Illinois were shocked when they woke up and found a python wrapped around their 1-year-old baby’s foot.

When young Will Lacey’s father saw what was happening he pulled the snake off with a blanket.

After bringing the boy for medical care he was found to have a bite mark, a bruise and scratches.

The family lives in an apartment building that is supposed to be pet free, so no one is sure where the python came from.

The snake is now at an animal shelter.

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Have you ever seen humans and monkeys together inside hospital wards?

Probably not. But in the emergency ward of the government medical college in Jammu, Kashmir, a monkey occupied one of the beds scaring away patients.

The imminent threat of an infection also kept the patients away from the hospital. But the monkey remained undeterred.

“I came to show my child, but you can see the situation. It looks less like a hospital for humans and more for animals. The monkey is on the next bed and four-five dogs are roaming outside, the hospital looks like a zoo,” said a patient.

“Nobody from administration is around, dogs and monkeys are everywhere. My relative got fruits for the patient, but the monkey snatched it,” said a patient’s relative.

The incident shocked the state’s Chief Minister too.

“I am shocked by the images of the monkey in a Jammu hospital. Before I say anything I owe it to my Minister to first ask him to explain,” Omar Abdullah said on Tuesday.

The monkey may have sneaked in to avoid the heat, but it slept in the hospital for more than three hours before it was taken away.

Also, at the door of the emergency ward was a pack of dogs, literally making the corridors of the hospital their home.

The state already has a bad reputation when it comes to healthcare, and an incident like this is likely to dent its image further.

Just a couple of months back, the shameful death of infants in this Srinagar hospital hit the headlines.

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A 22-year-old woman in England was left red-faced when she had to call a fire crew to her bedroom because she was stuck in a pair of handcuffs.

Firefighters raced to the embarrassed lady’s home in Northampton at 11.30pm on Sunday night — after her bedroom antics went wrong. They arrived to find the woman, who has not been named, shackled to the bed frame in a pair of ‘police-style’ cuffs.

And after being unable to locate the keys bolt cutters were used to free the woman.

A spokesperson for Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service said: “A 22-year-old woman was handcuffed to a bedstead with police style handcuffs. I imagine if it was anything more sinister then we would have requested the presence of the police and we did not.

“We have been called out to instances like this in the past and it’s normally embarrassing for both parties.”

One neighbour of the young woman said: “I had a peek out of my window when I heard the fire engine pull up late at night. I couldn’t see any smoke or signs of a big fire so at first I just presumed it was maybe a smoke alarm that had gone off or a false alarm.

“But when I found out what had really happened the next morning, I was in fits of giggles. I don’t know the poor girl but everyone is saying it was a bit of a steamy situation with her fella that went wrong. No-one has seen her since. I wouldn’t be surprised if she is too embarrassed to show her face.”

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A man from Illinois awoke to find a spider in his bed. Apparently he was so scared that he fled naked through a glass door.

Albion police say that the 20-year-old man was sleeping naked when he spotted the arachnid on Tuesday morning. He fled from his home in the 2,000-resident town in Edwards County.

Sheriff Darby Boewe says the disoriented man apparently ran through a glass storm door during his escape, cutting his arms, legs and a finger. He was treated at a hospital.

Police fielded numerous reports of a bloody streaker and later found the man back at his home, where he’d donned some shorts.

It isn’t clear what kind of spider he encountered.

The sheriff doesn’t suspect drugs or alcohol were involved.

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A schoolboy had a shock when he returned from the playground to find a fox asleep in his bed.

Alexander West, nine, was stunned to see the baby fox snuggled in his duvet in his bedroom on the second floor of his home.

The youngster had left the back door of the townhouse open when he ran outside to play and the female fox had crept inside and made herself at home.

“Alexander shouted down saying there was a fox in his bed, but I didn’t believe him,” said mother Dina Luminati-West. “I thought it must be our cat asleep on his bed, but then I saw the long pointed nose and realised it was indeed a fox. I was absolutely shocked, but Alexander was quite excited and pleased she had chosen his room. I said it was because it was so messy.”

The small fox is believed to have been in the house for up to four hours on Monday afternoon.

Traces show she crept in through the back door then up to the second floor, where she tried the main bedroom before settling on Alexander’s bed for a nap.

“His bed wasn’t made and she must have liked the look of his warm duvet,” said Dina, from Hemel Hempstead, Herts.

“We’ve seen foxes in a den at the back of our house since moving here 12 years ago but we’ve never heard of them going in any of the houses here. She was in a bit of a poor state and was probably looking for somewhere nice to stay for a few hours. Alexander loves animals, but a bedroom’s not the best place for a fox. We’ll be keeping our door firmly shut from now on.”

Dina closed the bedroom door on the fox and called the RSPCA, who took her away.

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