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  • Thief falls asleep hotwiring car
    A suspected car burglar appears to have fallen asleep on the job in Idaho. 33-year-old Jason D. Hill was arrested early on Thursday morning after he was caught napping inside one of the vehicles he was trying to steal outside a Post Falls apartment complex. According to police, Hill intended to hotwire the 1991 Honda [...]
  • Man arrested on way to prom after carjack, upsets date
    20-year-old Lorenzo Bracey has been charged for allegedly hijacking an SUV at gun-point before he went to prom with his girlfriend. Bracey was arrested on Friday at 7 p.m. at a McDonald’s in Chicago, police said. They found Bracey wearing a white tuxedo with white gym shoes. After they cuffed him and took him to [...]
  • Man robs 3 banks in 30 minutes
    You may have heard of speed-dating, but have you heard of speed-robbery? A brazen New York robber robbed three Brooklyn banks in fewer than 30 minutes today — walking away with cash from two of the heists, police said. The thief’s first target was the Apple Bank on Kings Highway near Avenue J in Flatlands [...]
  • Police dog called to testify in court
    A man fighting a driving offence amazed court staff when he subpoenaed a police dog to testify as his key witness for his defence case. Rodney McGee, from Charlotte County in Florida, asked the court for an extension to his case because not everyone was present. He then demanded that ‘Officer Azor K9′ be brought [...]
  • Man fined for thinking dynamite was sausage
    A Swedish man charged for possessing several sticks of dynamite claimed in court he was innocent as he thought the explosives were sausages. The 50-year-old man was on trial on Malmö on charges of possessing illegal explosives. The charges were filed after police came across four kilogrammes of dynamite hidden in a plastic bag in [...]
  • Drugs stash falls from lady in cell
    An inmate caused a bizarre scene at Albany County Correctional Facility on Tuesday when a condom full of prescription drugs and heroin she was carrying inside her split open, spilling a cache of painkillers, anti-anxiety and sleeping pills onto the floor of a holding cell, Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple said. Before she was to [...]
  • Man sat on after stealing sandwich
    Emmanuel Jaramillo is accused of stealing a $6.92 Cuban sandwich from a Florida grocery store in Holmes Beach. When confronted by the store’s manager about the alleged theft, Jaramillo began to tussle with the manager. The struggle became so escalated that several Publix employees had to sit on Jaramillo until police arrived, an arrest affidavit [...]
  • Man who was charged with torturing hopeful spies pleads guilty
    54-year-old Lawrence Bottone who was indicted last year on numerous counts of assault, unlawful imprisonment, and criminal impersonation, pleaded guilty in New York. There were 50 charges in all, which had him facing decades in the prison. His plea bargain will likely find him looking at roughly 10 years. He has been held on $250,000 [...]
  • Man arrested after attack with toy guns, toy grenade, and colostomy bag
    Two men fighting in Jersey City were held by firefighters and one was arrested when found with three toy guns spray-painted black, a plastic hand grenade, a large knife, and a packet of colostomy bags. 49-year-old Patrick Horner was arrested on Monday and charged with aggravated assault and weapons offense. Responding officers spoke to the [...]
  • Teacher sexted student days after being named Teacher of the Year
    32-year-old John McDaniel was a band director at Colleyville Middle School. Days after being named teacher of the year, he was arrested on accusations that he sexted with a 15-year old-student. McDaniel is charged with online solicitation of a minor, a third-degree felony, and improper relationship between educator and student, a second-degree felony.
  • Black serial robber disguised himself as white man to hold up Shops
    Most masked robbers opt for a balaclava to hide their identity, while others use bags or even underwear. 41-year-old Henley Stephenson eluded police for more than ten years thanks to an extraordinarily lifelike latex mask, which turned him into a white skinhead. Officers discovered that their man was in fact black when they finally caught [...]
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