Rescuers free boy from washing machine

Emergency responders said it took about 2 hours to free a 7-year-old Swedish boy who became stuck in a top-loading washing machine. The child was not injured.

The rescue workers told the Ostersunds-Posten newspaper that the Harjedalen boy’s hips became stuck in the machine on Sunday after he climbed in to explore the appliance’s insides.

Sven-Erik Svensson, the leader of the six-person rescue team, said that the group soon decided to dismantle the machine to free the boy.

“We worked calmly and methodically to avoiding stressing the boy. We pulled the washing machine apart bit by bit, and in the end we had to cut up the actual drum,” he said. “It took almost 2 hours before we were done.”

Svensson said that the boy was up and walking a few minutes after regaining his freedom.

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