Today’s Weird Crime Links February 27, 2012

On February 27, 2012, in Weird Crime Digest, by CrimeWatch

The latest from the world of Weird Crime

  • Teacher Caught in bed having sex with 15 year old student, after his younger brother, 12 walked in
    A middle school was caught having sex with a 15-year-old student in his home when his younger brother, aged 12, walked in on the pair. Kathryn ‘Camille’ Murray, 28, from Houston was arrested on Thursday and charged with sexual assault of a child. She is being held in lieu of $250,000 bond. Earlier in the [...]
  • Britain’s stolen chewing gum ends up as change in Romanian shops
    Chewing-gum theft has become big business for criminal gangs who smuggle the confectionery across Europe to be used as a substitute for cash on the streets of Romania. Prosecutors warn that the bizarre crime wave is now a “major problem” in cities across the UK, with thousands of pounds’ worth of gum stolen from shops. [...]
  • Thieves leave loot in getaway car
    It was a carefully planned heist, but as usual when the best-laid plans are made, Murphy’s Law seems to always happen. Spanish police say hooded thieves crashed a van into a courier service warehouse vault and made off with sacks of valuables on Thursday. They then fled in a waiting Audi, but crashed into another [...]
  • Man chops off friend’s hand for insurance money
    A South Carolina man has been charged with insurance fraud after another man’s hand was chopped off. 34-year-old Gerald B. Hardin from Cayce is facing six charges, including mail fraud, for a 2008 incident in Sumter County where a man’s had was cut off with a pole saw. Federal indictments state that Hardin and another [...]
  • Robber busted trying to buy own gun
    An alleged robber in Florida dropped his gun while escaping. He was arrested soon after when he returned to the scene and offered to buy the weapon back for $40. Cedrick Mitchell, 39, was instead pepper-sprayed by the alleged victims and then ended up in the Manatee County jail without bond. Bradenton police said that [...]
  • Housekeeper’s 13-year-old son steals AK-47
    A teenage boy in Florida said that he stole an AK-47 assault rifle because he was pretty sure that his mom would never buy him one. The 13-year-old boy was charged with grand theft of a firearm after the weapon and several rounds of ammunition were discovered under his bed. “The suspect confessed to stealing [...]
  • $5 million suit filed over half a tank of gas
    A lawyer and his client are fighting back against what they say is unfair repossession of vehicles. Victoria Jean Church-Dellinger is suing a Detroit financial services company for more than $5 million for keeping a half tank of gas from her car when it was repossessed. Church-Dellinger of White Lake, Mich., filed the class-action suit [...]
  • Transgender fraudster posed as man and his daughter to take out credit cards and loans
    A transgender fraudster in the UK made thousands of pounds posing as both a man and a woman to take out credit cards and loans. Frances Harris, 71, of Brighton, born as Frederick, admitted three charges of deception over a three-year period. Lewes Crown Court heard that she obtained a £15,000 loan in 2003 from [...]
  • Teenage girl finds naked man clutching bottle of rum in her home
    A 14-year-old girl discovered a naked burglar in her Fort Myers, Florida home on Wednesday. Her father and neighbour held the suspect at gunpoint until deputies could arrive. Skylar Adams was in her bedroom when she heard someone in the kitchen. She went to the kitchen and saw a naked man leaning into the pantry [...]
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