A resident of Luxor cut off and buried his penis at a cemetery in protest against the deplorable state of the tourism industry, which until recently was the country’s major source of income.

Before the overthrowing of President Mubarak, Luxor was considered the “tourist capital” of Egypt. In the southern city contains a large number of ancient monuments, and most of its inhabitants were engaged in servicing tourists.

However, after the events of the Arab spring flow of foreigners in Egypt has fallen significantly. Tourists are afraid to go to a country teetering on the brink of anarchy. The authorities’ efforts to change the situation, including providing substantial discounts, have been without success.

The man been employed in the tourist industry. The 35-year-old resident of Luxor fell into a deep depression after several months of being unable to find work to feed his wife and children.

The man was taken to the international hospital in Luxor. He lost a significant amount of blood.

The patient was conscious and he had surgery, but “rejected any attempts by doctors to re-implant the residual limb.”

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