This just goes to show how stupid and OTT some regulations are, and how someting that is meant to protect people makes things worse!

In Australia if you become and involuntary mental health patient, you are placed into a hospital where the entire place has smoking banned.

The result is that psychiatric patients who smoke become so desperate for a smoke that they are poking electricity sockets with paper clips to get a spark and light up.

A recent report detailed the lengths to which these involuntary patients are forced to go to in order to light up.

Mental health organisations are now calling for designated smoking areas to be made available to these patients.

In the Western Australia’s mental health watchdog, the Council of Official Visitors, new report. they also mention one patient who was soaking nicotine patches in tea “to get more of a nicotine fix”.

“It is not the right time to be asking people to go through the terrible nicotine withdrawal symptoms,” the council wrote in the report tabled in parliament.

“The ban is also a further erosion of consumers’ rights and not in accordance with section five of the Act which requires that people with a mental illness must receive care and treatment with the least restriction of their freedom and least interference with their rights.”

In response, Australian Council on Smoking and Health president Mike Daube said the council’s call was “misguided, retrograde and exaggerated.”

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