Australian Ryan Dein and his girfriend, Lauren Busse were asleep at home when a thief broke into their home.

As he was taking their laptop, wallet, laptop and camera, he made a noise which woke Ryan up.

When he went to investigate, the thief saw him and started running away. The naked Ryan chased off down the street after the thief.

Ryan eventually managed to tackle the thief, but later released him to avoid further violence.

“I’m really proud of Ryan. I can’t believe he manned-up like that and took off after the guy in the nude,” said Lauren Busse, Dein’s girlfriend, who was asleep at the time.

“He didn’t even think about putting clothes on – he just got out there and took the guy down,” she said.

The thief was unluckier than most. When he was tackled, his own wallet fell out of his pants. Cops found it pretty easy to track him down and arrest him.

The thief is now facing charges of breaking and entering.

“I’m pretty stoked everything fell into place,” Dein said. “If his wallet hadn’t fallen out at that point he would’ve got away scot-free.”

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